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Patient Organizations

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Patient programs and support networks empower the patient voice

Edwards Lifesciences supports patient organizations around the world because they are uniquely positioned to provide much-needed services to patients.  Whether the organization provides peer-to-peer training and support, disease awareness and public education, insights into the patient perspective, advocacy on policy initiatives, opportunities for our employees to give back to the community, or efforts to educate and empower patients to advocate on their own behalf, we are proud to support their efforts to advance people's health and quality of life.

We ensure that collaboration between our company and patient organizations is always transparent and complies with local laws and regulations. Through transparency and our internal policies, we support the independence of these organizations and provide an ethical setting for our efforts to improve people’s lives. Click here if you seek additional information on how or why Edwards supports or works with patient organizations.

Learn more about the important work some of the groups we support are doing around the world: 

The Edwards Lifesciences Foundation also supports patient organizations and their charitable activities.  For more information about the organizations the Foundation supports, click here.

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