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Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve employee recruitment, engagement and retention supports our aspiration of Fostering an Inclusive Culture Where all Employees Grow and Thrive.


Developing strategies for attracting, developing and retaining employees. Edwards strives to maintain and enhance a culture reflective of our Credo and Aspirations. We believe that fostering a diverse, inclusive culture is critical to our long-term success as we help more patients around the world. And, our work to promote workplace health and safety serves our aspiration of Fostering an Inclusive Culture Where all Employees Grow and Thrive, while providing Edwards employees with health resources and safe working conditions.

Our aspirations


Fostering an inclusive culture where all employees grow and thrive

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New Total Wellness Center at Irvine Headquarters

Our Total Wellness program supports employees across the globe to enhance, maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. We have found that aside from quality care, access to convenient care is one of the top drivers for patient care site decisions. Patients want to be able to access their healthcare when they want and need it with convenient office hours and immediate connection to specialty providers.
During 2018, extensive planning went into creating a facility at our headquarters to address this need. The Total Wellness Center is our solution to providing high quality, affordable healthcare to Aetna medical plan member employees on the Irvine campus. This onsite clinic provides a physician-led health care team focused on an integrative, whole health approach to well-being. Formally opened in May 2019, the Total Wellness Center Care Team consists of eight on-site staff clinicians in seven specialties. Aetna member employees can schedule annual physicals, laboratory work-ups, chiropractic care, physical therapy, counseling or any other primary care appointment and receive the high-quality, one-on-one time needed.

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ERG Growth and Activity Exceeds Expectations

During 2018, several new Employee Resource Groups (ERG) were added to our existing groups of employees who come together to serve as a resource to support commonalities, business goals and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Membership is growing with many dynamic events driven by energetic teams with passionate leaders. We now have more than 1,000 active participants in our 11 ERG chapters.
Our E.NOW group made important progress through global expansion, now with 19 regional chapters around the world, exceeding its 2018 goal. They also achieved a 31 percent increase in E.NOW awareness and a 16 percent increase in participation. Future goals include mentoring and professional development programs, and additional outreach to female clinicians.
Many ERGs actively participate in local volunteer activities supporting and aligning with Edwards’ Strengthen Our Community focus. Our ERGs have helped further our relationship with several organizations in a variety of ways, including ongoing mentorship programs, career and interview workshops and serving as hosts for the organization's awards dinners and ceremonies.

In 2018, HOLA volunteered their time for the Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies at the Edwards Irvine campus. AISS guides academically motivated, economically disadvantaged high school students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. The HOLA team held five “Science Friday” events for 24 students. The program included medical technology overview and demo workshops, Quality and R&D lab tours, hands on science experiments, BEST practices workshop, and ended with a Technical Development Program panel overview. In addition, 10 students were invited to be part of a four-week externship program at Edwards Lifesciences. These programs helped make a difference in the lives of students from our local community by providing career insights and hands on experience working in the medical device field.
Our Friends of Veterans Network recently led a service project so our employees could participate with Habitat for Humanity Orange County to help build a home for an injured veteran and his family. About 30 employees were on site to help build the home in Tustin, California. Volunteers “put on their work gloves” helping with carpentry tasks to complete aspects of the home’s framing. Many of the Edwards volunteers were members of this ERG and felt a special connection and pride in helping a fellow veteran.