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Employee recruitment, engagement & retention

Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve employee recruitment, engagement and retention supports our aspiration of Fostering an Inclusive Culture Where all Employees Grow and Thrive.


Developing strategies for attracting, developing and retaining employees.

Our aspirations


Fostering an inclusive culture where all employees grow and thrive

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Edwards cited in book 'Purpose Incorporated: Turning Cause Into Your Competitive Advantage'

In 2017, Edwards Lifesciences’ ability to recruit, engage and retain employees was conveyed in a book by John Wood called Purpose Incorporated: Turning Cause Into Your Competitive Advantage. The book details our unique and impactful Patient Day opportunity when heart valve patients meet their valve “makers” and accurately depicts how Edwards’ purpose-driven culture attracts and retains extremely talented and passionate employees. To demonstrate the power of corporate culture, the author tells the story of an Edwards employee whose journey went from being a passive candidate to passionate new hire at Edwards.