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Excelling as a trusted partner through distinguished quality and integrity

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Edwards MITRIS RESILIA Valve Receives FDA Approval for Mitral Replacement Surgeries

In early 2022, Edwards Lifesciences received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the MITRIS RESILIA valve, a tissue valve replacement specifically designed for the heart's mitral position. This therapy is the company's latest innovation offering advanced RESILIA tissue with an anti-calcification technology that also allows devices to be stored under dry packaging conditions, facilitating ease of use.

RESILIA tissue is bovine pericardial tissue and serves as the platform for Edwards' new class of valves. "For patients who need mitral valve replacement, the advanced MITRIS RESILIA valve is based on a trusted pericardial valve platform, designed to mimic the native valve and incorporating tissue with integrity-preservation technology that will potentially allow the valve to last longer," said Kevin Accola, M.D., Cardiovascular Surgeon, AdventHealth Orlando.

Edwards is dedicated to partnering with clinicians to develop patient-centric innovations for complex surgical structural heart procedures that improve long-term care and outcomes for patients. The introduction of the MITRIS RESILIA valve completes the portfolio of surgical heart valve innovations incorporating the advanced RESILIA tissue, including an aortic valve, an aortic valved conduit and now a mitral valve.  Edwards continues to invest in innovations in the surgical structural heart field.

In addition to FDA approval, the MITRIS RESILIA valve has also received regulatory approval in Japan, Canada, and other countries globally.

For more information, please see the related press release and product page.

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