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Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve Patient Experience and Voice supports our aspiration of transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies. As one of Edwards’ most important topics, we continue to evolve our program to better meet the needs of our patients. Understanding the patient experience and listening to patient voices strengthens our innovation, production, and delivery of solutions to help those fighting cardiovascular disease.


Continuously improving the patient experience with products developed with feedback and input from patients while empowering patients to support and aid each other.

Our aspirations


Transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies


Fostering an inclusive culture where all employees grow and thrive

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Edwards’ Patient Support Center Provides Rapid Response to Patient Inquiries

To support Edwards’ strategy of patient-focused innovation, the company decided in 2019 to develop a comprehensive response system to the increasing volume of incoming patient inquiries. As the company has grown rapidly in its reputation for patient-focused products, particularly its Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement system, public inquiries and questions about its products have increased substantially. To meet this demand, the company created a centralized Patient Support Center (PSC) to provide compassionate, full-service support that contributes to a consistent, positive patient experience across Edwards. The PSC was designed to:

  • Provide one point of contact for timely support and resolution of questions/concerns
  • Deliver unique patient journey through a continual data feedback loop
  • Mitigate reputation risk by promptly de-escalating potential complaints or other issues
  • Utilize metrics to inform business needs

As the PSC was put into place over the course of 2020, it provided our incoming patient inquiries with a timely and comprehensive conclusion to their interaction with Edwards. In addition, the PSC:

  • Provided all incoming inquiries with <24-hour turnaround and regular updates as the inquiry was being resolved
  • Completed most (70%) patient inquiries in one interaction – an 80% improvement from 2019
  • Provided patients a “one-stop-shop,” with easy access in phone, email and web channels
  • Provide an early warning system of patient interest/activity for “hot” topics.  This produced, for example, quick-response COVID-19 web materials, providing concerned patients with easy answers and quickly de-escalating potential risks of concern
  • Produced management monthly reports with early insights into the types and forms of information that patients need to make healthcare decisions

As Edwards expands the PSC to provide increasingly high-quality patient interactions, the company expects to continue to improve the patient experience and ensure Edwards is delivering patient-focused innovation.