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Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve Patient Experience and Voice supports our aspiration of transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies.


Continuously improving the patient experience with products developed with feedback and input from patients while empowering patients to support and aid each other. Additionally, develop innovations that allow Edwards’ products to improve efficiency, safety and effectiveness of healthcare processes.

Our aspirations


Transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies


Fostering an inclusive culture where all employees grow and thrive

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2018 Patient Experience Yields Deep Learnings

In 2018, we held Patient Experiences at several of our campuses around the world, including Switzerland, Utah and California. These events brought together patient communities who have benefited from Edwards technologies to enable us to learn from them how to improve our products and the healthcare journey for future patients.

In Irvine, a large, cross-functional team worked together for months to organize an agenda that provided a positive experience for patients and care advocates, while providing Edwards' employees the opportunity to gain valuable insights from attendees. We conducted Patient Listening Sessions (PLS) designed to elicit in-depth experiential data from patients using guided discussion.  For the patients, participating in the PLS offers an opportunity to share their story and connect with fellow patients. Patient story-telling can provide us with an invaluable understanding of how patients navigate their treatment journey.

For each PLS, we gathered two or three patients together with their care advocates. During the 90-minute session, patients shared their experience on topics related to their disease and treatment journey, gaining access to care, and their experience making treatment decisions with their doctor. Patients also shared their greatest challenges prior to treatment and their gratitude for successful recovery. We analyzed notes from the PLS program using qualitative analysis software to identify common themes around the discussion topics. Results from the PLS analysis produced important insights for Edwards leadership, and serve as another means by which Edwards ensures the patient voice is heard.

In a post-event survey, the majority of attendees said the experience was “Excellent” and said they would recommend the program to others. Participants appreciated the opportunity to connect with other patients and care partners, to learn about ways to get involved in helping others and about the lifesaving technologies they received. Participants described the day as “wonderful,” “fascinating,” “very enjoyable” and “a blessing.” Edwards is proud of these results and intends to extend the program to more patients in the future.