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Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve access to healthcare supports our Aspirations of transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies and passionate engagement that strengthens our communities.


Supporting the provision of quality care to underserved and diverse patients in global communities; helping to remove regulatory, geographic and economic barriers to treatment, ensuring patients have access to new therapies; participating in public policy development; providing financial contributions in support of Edwards’ goals and aspirations; and developing innovations that allow our products to improve the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of healthcare processes.

Our aspirations


Transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies


Passionate engagement that strengthens our communities

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Every Heartbeat Matters Aims Seeks to Improve the Lives of 2.5 million Additional Undeserved Patients by 2025

Emmanuel Martin is a 15-year-old young man born and raised in the rural mountains of southwestern Haiti, where he lives with his parents and older brother. In January 2019, after years of worsening heart valve symptoms, Emmanuel was diagnosed by Every Heartbeat Matters partner, Haiti Cardiac Alliance, with a severely damaged mitral valve as a result of rheumatic fever. In May 2019, he traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he underwent open-heart surgery by Dr. David Adams and The Mitral Foundation, another Every Heartbeat Matters parter. Emmanuel was treated with two donated Edwards heart valve repair rings (Cosgrove-Edwards Annuloplasty Band and Carpentier-Edwards Classic Annuloplasty Tricuspid Ring) and has since successfully recovered. He has returned to school in the eighth grade and is particularly interested in math and science. In February 2020, Emmanuel traveled to Edwards corporate headquarters in Irvine, California, to share his journey and help Edwards learn about more ways its philanthropy can help underserved patients like himself, who face multiple social and economic barriers to care.

In 2014, Edwards launched Every Heartbeat Matters (EHM), a philanthropic initiative that focuses on impacting the lives of underserved patients. Based on the accumulated knowledge and experience over the past six years on how to have the greatest impact on patients, Edwards is launching its next phase of EHM that aims to

  1. broaden the initiative’s focus from heart valve disease to all structural heart diseases and critical support;
  2. impact each stage of the patient journey, from detection to treatment, with an additional emphasis on recovery; and
  3. establish an enhanced product donation program that provides EHM partners with access to donated Edwards products to provide humanitarian treatment for underserved patients outside the United States.

EHM has a new bold goal – to improve the lives of 2.5 million additional underserved structural heart and critical care patients by the end of 2025. Learn about more patients like Emmanuel and Every Heartbeat Matters at