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Access to healthcare

Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve access to healthcare supports our Aspirations of transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies and passionate engagement that strengthens our communities.


Supporting the provision of quality care to underserved and diverse patients in global communities; helping to remove regulatory, geographic and economic barriers to treatment, ensuring patients have access to new therapies; participating in public policy development; providing financial contributions in support of Edwards’ goals and aspirations; and developing innovations that allow our products to improve the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of healthcare processes.

Our aspirations


Transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies


Passionate engagement that strengthens our communities

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EHM Partner Performs Life-Saving Heart Surgeries in Mongolia

Our Every Heartbeat Matters’ partner, Heart Saving Project (HSP), is a Japanese non-profit organization in which Japanese pediatric cardiologists and anesthesiologists travel to Mongolia to conduct heart screening and catheterization for children and educate local doctors. A long-term goal of HSP is to train and support pediatric cardiologists in Mongolia on how to perform life-saving heart surgeries. When COVID-19 prevented such in-person missions, they created new ways to assist in vital surgeries through live, video-sharing technologies and telemedicine. Pictured is a surgery in process in the city of Ulaanbaatar.