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Access to healthcare

Edwards Lifesciences’ work to improve access to healthcare supports our aspirations of Transforming Patient Lives with Breakthrough Medical Technologies and Passionate Engagement that Strengthens Our Communities.


Supporting the provision of quality care to underserved and diverse patients in global communities, helping to remove regulatory, geographic and economic barriers to treatment, participating in public policy development and providing financial contributions in support of Edwards’ goals and aspirations.

Our aspirations


Transforming patient lives with breakthrough medical technologies


Passionate engagement that strengthens our communities

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Nepal Heart Foundation screens Nepalese school children with risk of heart valve disease

In 2017, one of our Every Heartbeat Matters partners, Nepal Heart Foundation (NHF), screened more than 10,000 school children who were at risk of developing heart valve disease (HVD). Using portable echocardiography machines, they screened children living in extreme poverty areas. The NHF also provided education and awareness for the children, teachers, parents and community. More than 40 patients were identified with HVD and sent to a government hospital for surgery. During treatment, the NHF provided both social and financial support for the families of the patients being treated.