Our Approach
Sustainability Report

Value Chain

Edwards Lifesciences’ Credo reinforces our dedication to providing innovative solutions for people fighting cardiovascular disease. We believe that the management of our material topics supports this mission through our Aspiration to Create Exceptional Shareholder Value. For each topic, Edwards also considers where impacts directly occur throughout our manufacturing processes, geographic footprint and stakeholder relationships. This map demonstrates our understanding of our impacts across our value chain.

Value Chain Map

Topic Primary Stakeholders Impacted/Boundary

Corporate Governance


Ethics & Compliance

All Stakeholders

Corruption & Bribery


Transparent Communications & Reporting

All Stakeholders

Access to Healthcare

Patients, Communities, Customers, Physicians

Healthcare Process Innovation

Patients, Customers

Patient Experience & Voice

Patients, Customers

Supply Chain Management

Suppliers, Operations

Product Safety & Quality

Patients, Customers, Employees

Product Lifecycle, Design & Innovation

Patients, Customers, Employees

Chemical & Materials Stewardship

Suppliers, Communities, Patients

Employee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention


Workplace Health & Safety


Diversity & Inclusion

Employees, Board of Directors, Communities

Volunteerism & Giving

Employees, Communities

Energy & Emissions

Operations, Communities


Operations, Communities


Operations, Communities

Environmental Compliance

Operations, Communities