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Welcome to Edwards Lifesciences’ 2016 Sustainability Report. While acting as a trusted partner in a responsible manner has always been a key element of our company’s core competencies, in 2014, Edwards first formally reported our sustainability progress. This year, our more robust reporting reflects the continued recognition of sustainability within our core strategy—and our belief that it is essential to long-term growth.

Throughout this report, we connect each material topic to one or more of our Aspirations. Along with our Credo, the Aspirations highlight our approach toward providing innovative solutions for people fighting cardiovascular disease.

Our Aspirations

Transforming Patient Care Through Innovative Technology

Edwards is driven by a passion to help patients, partnering with clinicians to develop innovative technologies in the areas of structural heart disease and critical care monitoring. We put patients first, working to produce better technologies that enable better outcomes for patients.

Sustainability Targets


  • Conduct Edwards Patient Day event once per year in Irvine and inspire additional Patient Day events in other Edwards regions around the world. View Progress
  • Educate 13,000 clinicians on patient and provider benefits of perioperative and directed therapy to achieve fluid optimization and enhanced surgical recovery by 2017. View Progress
  • Connect with top 10 suppliers to provide additional training and patient interactions. View Progress
Excelling as a Trusted Partner and Global Leader Through the Quality of Our Work

Edwards conducts business ethically and with integrity, providing the highest level of care and respect for our partners. We are committed to the quality and safety of our products, driving innovation and promoting resource efficiency.

Sustainability Targets


  • Drive continuous improvement efforts to eliminate patient safety-related Class 1 product removals. View Progress
  • Conduct leadership training on making ethical decisions in 100 percent of Edwards Lifesciences Leadership Program courses. View Progress
  • Ensure 100 percent of applicable employees certify to understanding and agree to comply with Edwards’ code of conduct on an annual basis. View Progress
  • Obtain reports on product materials from 80 percent of applicable suppliers by 2018. View Progress
  • Achieve third-party ISO 14001 Certification at 100 percent of global manufacturing facilities by 2018. View Progress
  • Strive to ensure that 100 percent of our products are conflict mineral free by 2020. View Progress
Attracting and Engaging Talented Employees

Fulfilling our mission to help patients requires a strong, healthy and talented workforce. Edwards recruits top candidates, offers employee wellness and engagement programs and fosters a diverse and inclusive culture to help employees deliver their best.

Sustainability Targets


  • Actively engage all Edwards employees by exposing them to patient stories each year. View Progress
  • Offer and encourage participation in health and wellness programs that align with all six Total Wellness pillars at 100 percent of locations with more than 100 employees. View Progress
  • Aim to have 100 percent of ELT, SLT and their direct reports complete Leverage Diversity Training by 2018. View Progress
  • Provide a vehicle for employees to engage in sustainability efforts by 2018. View Progress
Strengthening Our Communities

Edwards is committed to strengthening the health of our global communities. With patients as our top priority, we work to increase access to our innovative therapies, improve efficiency of healthcare processes, improve awareness of and treatment for life-threatening diseases and provide opportunities for our employees to give back.

Sustainability Targets


  • Aim to have to have 100 percent of ELT and SLT participate in at least one philanthropic activity per year. View Progress
  • Increase employee participation in philanthropic activities every year toward our aspiration of 100 percent employee engagement. View Progress
  • Assess lifecycle impacts on packaging designs and product materials for existing products across all business units by 2018. View Progress
  • By 2020, reduce our environmental footprint according to Edwards’ Environmental, Health and Safety plan. View Progress
    • Energy consumption: 0% change normalized by annual revenue, base year 2015. View Progress
    • Water usage: 15% reduction normalized by annual revenue, base year 2015. View Progress
    • Hazardous waste disposal: 20% reduction normalized by annual revenue, base year 2015. View Progress
    • Solid waste disposal: 20% reduction normalized by annual revenue, base year 2015. View Progress
    • Greenhouse gas emissions: 0% change normalized by annual revenue, base year 2015. View Progress
  • Complete cost/benefit assessment for alternate and renewable energy opportunities by 2020. View Progress
  • Impact the global burden of heart valve disease by supporting the education, screening and treatment of 1 million underserved people by 2020. View Progress
Creating Exceptional Shareholder Value

Through all of our sustainability initiatives and delivering on our focused company strategy, Edwards positions our company for long-term profitability that will benefit our stakeholders and also our bottom line.

Sustainability Target


  • Implement board-level oversight and incorporate sustainability into corporate aspirations by 2017. View Progress

To guide our strategy and disclosure, in 2015 we established a Sustainability Council comprised of senior leaders from across the organization. In 2016, we conducted our first materiality assessment, which allowed us to prioritize our management of environmental, social and governance topics. The Council assessed stakeholder feedback over the course of multiple planning sessions. We identified practices currently in place and assessed our gaps. In response to the valuable feedback we received, we set sustainability targets for each of our most material topics. These align naturally with Edwards’ Aspirations and, together, these elements support our goal of creating exceptional shareholder value. Our executive leadership team approved the targets and our team continues to assess and report progress against them on an annual basis.