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General Standard Disclosures

GRI IndicatorDescriptionLocation
Ethics and Integrity
G4-56Organization's values, principles, standards and norms of behaviorEthics & Compliance
G4-34Governance structureOur Approach
Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries
G4-17Entities included in the organization reportsMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
G4-18Reporting principles for defining report contentMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
G4-19Material aspects identified in defining report contentMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
G4-20Material aspects within the organizationValue Chain
G4-21Material aspects outside the organizationValue Chain
G4-22Restatements of information provided in earlier reportsWe have no restatements to report.
G4-23Significant changes from previous reporting periods in scope and aspect boundariesWe have no significant changes.
Organizational Profile
G4-3Name of the organizationOrganizational Profile
G4-4Primary brands, products, and servicesOrganizational Profile
G4-5Location of the organization's headquartersOrganizational Profile
G4-6Countries where the organization operatesOrganizational Profile
G4-7Nature of ownership and legal formOrganizational Profile
G4-8Markets servedOrganizational Profile
G4-9Scale of the organizationOrganizational Profile
G4-10Total number of employees by employment contract and genderOrganizational Profile
G4-11Percentage of total employees covered by collective bargaining agreementsOrganizational Profile
G4-12Organization's supply chainOrganizational Profile
G4-13Changes in organization's size, structure, ownership or its supply chainOrganizational Profile
G4-14Precautionary approach to risk managementNo, the precautionary approach or principle is not addressed at this time.
G4-15Externally developed charters, principles or initiatives to which the organization subscribesOur Approach
G4-16Membership in associations or organizationsOrganizational Profile
Report Profile
G4-28Reporting periodCalendar year
G4-29Date of the last report2014; 2015 interim update
G4-30Reporting cycleAnnual
G4-31Contact point for questions regarding the reportDiane Biagianti
G4-32GRI Content IndexCore; We did not get external assurance this year.
G4-33External assuranceWe did not get external assurance this year.
Stakeholder Engagement
G4-24Stakeholder groups engaged by the organizationMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
G4-25Identification and selection of stakeholders to engageMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
G4-26Organization's approach to stakeholder engagementMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
G4-27Key topics and concerns raised during stakeholder engagementsMateriality & Stakeholder Engagement
Strategy and Analysis
G4-1Statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organizationEdwards 2016 Sustainability Report

Specific Standard Disclosures

GRI IndicatorGRI AspectDescriptionLocation
G4-DMAEconomic PerformanceManagement approachOrganizational Profile
G4-EC1Economic PerformanceDirect economic value generated and distributedOrganizational Profile
G4-DMAIndirect Economic ImpactsManagement approachAccess to Healthcare
Healthcare Process Innovation
G4-EC8Indirect Economic ImpactsSignificant indirect economic impacts, including the extent of impactsAccess to Healthcare
Healthcare Process Innovation
G4-DMAEnergyManagement approachEnergy & Emissions
G4-EN3EnergyEnergy UseEnergy & Emissions
G4-EN5EnergyEnergy IntensityEnergy & Emissions
G4-EN6EnergyReduction of energy consumptionEnergy & Emissions
G4-DMAWaterManagement approachWater
G4-EN8WaterWater withdrawalWater
G4-EN9WaterWater sources significantly affectedWater
G4-EN10WaterWater recycled and reused Water
G4-DMAEmissionsManagement approachEnergy & Emissions
G4-EN16EmissionsScope 2 GHG emissionsEnergy & Emissions
G4-EN17EmissionsScope 3 GHG emissionsEnergy & Emissions
G4-EN18EmissionsGHG emissions intensity Energy & Emissions
G4-EN19EmissionsReduction of GHG emissions Energy & Emissions
G4-EN20EmissionsEmissions of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) Energy & Emissions
G4-EN21EmissionsNOx, SOx, and other significant air emissions Energy & Emissions
G4-DMAEffluents and WasteManagement approachWaste
G4-EN22Effluents and WasteWater dischargeWater
G4-EN23Effluents and WasteWasteWaste
G4-EN24Effluents and WasteSpillsWaste
G4-EN25Effluents and WasteHazardous waste Waste
G4-EN26Effluents and WasteWater bodies significantly affected Water
Labor Practices and Decent Work
G4-DMAEmploymentManagement approachEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-LA1EmploymentEmployee turnoverEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-LA2EmploymentBenefitsEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-LA3EmploymentRetention rates after parental leaveEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-DMAOccupational Health and SafetyManagement approachWorkplace Health & Safety
G4-LA6Occupational Health and SafetyInjury and work-related fatalitiesWorkplace Health & Safety
G4-DMATraining and EducationManagement approachEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-LA9Training and EducationEmployee training hoursEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-LA10Training and EducationPrograms for skills management Employee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-LA11Training and EducationEmployees receiving regular performance reviewsEmployee Recruitment, Engagement & Retention
G4-DMADiversity and Equal OpportunityManagement approachDiversity & Inclusion
G4-LA12Diversity and Equal OpportunityBoard and employee compositionDiversity & Inclusion
G4-DMASupplier Assessment for Labor PracticesManagement approachSupply Chain Management
G4-LA14Supplier Assessment for Labor PracticesNew suppliers screening for labor practicesUnavailable until 2017
Human Rights
G4-DMANon-DiscriminationManagement approachDiversity & Inclusion
G4-HR3Non-DiscriminationIncidents of discrimination Diversity & Inclusion
G4-DMASupplier Human Rights AssessmentManagement approachSupply Chain Management
G4-HR10Supplier Human Rights AssessmentNew suppliers screening for human rightsUnavailable until 2017
G4-DMALocal CommunitiesManagement approachPatient Experience & Voice
G4-SO2Local CommunitiesOperations with significant impacts on local communitiesPatient Experience & Voice
G4-DMAAnti-CorruptionManagement approachCorruption & Bribery
G4-SO3Anti-CorruptionOperations assessed for corruption risksCorruption & Bribery
G4-DMAPublic PolicyManagement approachAccess to Healthcare
G4-SO6Public PolicyPolitical contributionsAccess to Healthcare
Product Responsibility
G4-DMACustomer Health and SafetyManagement approachProduct Safety & Quality
G4-PR1Customer Health and SafetyProduct health and safety impacts assessedProduct Safety & Quality
G4-PR2Customer Health and SafetyIncidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codesProduct Safety & Quality