Sustainability report


Edwards Lifesciences’ work to manage waste serves our aspiration of passionate engagement that strengthens our communities.


Reducing the amount of waste generated by Edwards to landfill, by recycling and responsible waste disposal and managing discharge of toxic and hazardous waste.

Our aspirations


Passionate engagement that strengthens our communities

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Edwards new Irvine lobby receives LEED Platinum Certified Rating

In November 2017, we opened our new state of the art LEED Platinum Certified guest reception and employee congregation building in Irvine, California. Our new building met many key milestones, including:

  • solar on the roof to reduce heating and cooling demand,
  • achieved 30 percent reduction in electricity for interior lighting,
  • whole building energy simulation indicating an overall baseline reduction of 56 percent,
  • 11 percent clean air vehicle parking,
  • 75 percent reduction in baseline landscape and irrigation water,
  • no CFC or ozone depleting substances, and
  • 90 percent of storm water is captured, harvested or treated.