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Energy & emissions

Edwards Lifesciences’ work to manage Energy and Emissions supports our aspiration of passionate engagement that strengthens our communities.


Reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions generated throughout Edwards’ value chain, reducing the release of fine particulate matter into the air and toxic air emissions, improving energy efficiency and sourcing renewable energy.

Our aspirations


Passionate engagement that strengthens our communities

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Añasco, Puerto Rico facility reduces energy & emissions through new cogeneration power station

In 2017, our Añasco, Puerto Rico facility completed the construction of a $2 million cogeneration plant (CHP) to reduce greenhouse gas air emissions, provide more reliable energy and offset direct utility electricity costs. This new propane-fueled cogeneration power station is the first CHP unit operating with Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for manufacturing activities within the United States. Using LPG, the CHP unit can generate electricity, chilled water and steam at a much lower environmental and financial cost than the local utility. In 2017, the CHP unit provided 60-70 percent of the Añasco facility’s electricity needs. The CHP cogeneration unit is an efficient, clean and reliable source of power and thermal energy from a single fuel source.