We hope you enjoyed learning more about Edwards Lifesciences hemodynamic monitoring solutions across your patients care continuum. Find more details on each product below.

Acumen IQ cuff and Acumen HPI software

Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software

Acumen HPI software provides you with information regarding the likelihood of a patient trending toward a hypotensive event.*

A single arm, multicenter study demonstrated that Acumen HPI software reduced intraoperative hypotension by 57% compared to a historical control where noncardiac surgery patients received arterial line monitoring. This predictive software was shown to detect hemodynamic instability and substantially reduced intraoperative hypotension when used in surgical patients who require hemodynamic monitoring during noncardiac surgery.

*A hypotensive event is defined as MAP <65 mmHg for a duration of at least one minute.

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Acumen IQ cuff

Acumen IQ cuff

The Acumen IQ cuff enables you to unlock the Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software for surgical patients, while delivering continuous blood pressure monitoring and advanced hemodynamic parameters noninvasively.

*Indicated for surgical patients only.

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Acumen IQ cuff and Acumen HPI software

Acumen IQ sensor

Acumen IQ sensor unlocks Acumen HPI software for surgical and nonsurgical patients. Acumen IQ sensor automatically updates advanced parameters every 20 seconds, reflecting rapid physiological changes in moderate- to high-risk surgery and patients in the intensive care settings.

*Indicated for surgical and non-surgical patients only.

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Acumen IQ sensor and Acumen HPI software

Acumen Analytics software

Acumen Analytics software enables you to retrospectively view and analyze hemodynamic parameters, including mean arterial pressure, providing you insights into the frequency, duration and prevalence of intraoperative hypotension in your practice.

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HemoSphere advanced monitoring

HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform

The only modular hemodynamic monitoring platform to offer full-range cuff, sensor and catheter compatibility and first-of-its-kind predictive decision support software, HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform enables proactive, individualized patient management.

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ForeSight tissue oximetry system

ForeSight tissue oximetry sensor

ForeSight sensor delivers absolute StO2 values that – when used in combination with the full hemodynamic insights delivered by the HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform – enable you to confidently recognize and address cerebral desaturations.

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ForeSight tissue oximetry system

Viewfinder remote app

Access your patients' noninvasive hemodynamic data from the palm of your hand. Patient insights from your HemoSphere monitor can now be accessed from anywhere you are when used in conjunction with ClearSight finger cuff or ForeSight tissue oximetry sensor.

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Swan-Ganz catheters

Swan-Ganz catheters

Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheters offer continuous parameters on three major integrated elements – flow, pressure, and oxygen delivery and consumption – for a comprehensive hemodynamic profile.

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Edwards clinical education

Hemodynamic education empowering clinical advancement

With a long-term commitment to improving the quality of care for surgical and critical care patients through education, Edwards clinical education meets you no matter where you are in the learning process — with a continuum of resources and tools that continuously support you as you solve the clinical challenges facing you today, and in the future.

Edwards Lifesciences is committed to providing you with extensive clinical education resources

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