Smarter. Connected. All-in-one.

Harnessing the power of machine learning and predictive algorithms, HemoSphere monitor helps you manage pressure and flow with intelligent decision support.

HemoSphere monitor delivers advanced pressure, flow and tissue oximetry insights from a single, comprehensive monitor. As the only platform to offer full-range cuff, sensor and catheter capability, HemoSphere monitor enables individualized care for each patient’s unique needs. And with Viewfinder remote app, you can even view your patients’ hemodynamic insights directly from your smartphone.*

Proactive monitoring can provide the opportunity for measurable improvements. With actionable insights into hemodynamic instability, you can stay ahead of critical moments.

*Acumen Assisted Fluid Management (AFM) software feature not included on Viewfinder remote app. Viewfinder remote app is intended as a visual support aid, not as a monitoring device.

Same monitor. Greater insights.

With expanded capabilities and enhanced software, HemoSphere monitor offers comprehensive pressure, flow and tissue oximetry insights to a single screen to help you stay ahead of critical moments.

HemoSphere monitor photo of devices

Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software

Acumen HPI software is effective in detecting hemodynamic instability and substantially reducing the duration of intraoperative hypotension.* Unlock Acumen HPI software with Acumen IQ cuff** or Acumen IQ sensor.

Discover Acumen HPI software >>

  • *Compared to a retrospective historical control group, in noncardiac surgical patients requiring arterial line monitoring.
  • **Surgical patient use only.
HemoSphere monitor 2

Acumen Assisted Fluid Management (AFM) software

Acumen AFM software is a first-of-its-kind machine learning solution. It provides decision support that enables you to deliver adaptable, individualized fluid management and to optimize fluid administration.

Discover Acumen AFM software >>

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One monitor, comprehensive insights

HemoSphere monitor has full-range cuff, sensor and catheter compatibility for proactive decision support across a diversity of patient profiles and care settings. Access both right and left heart monitoring on a single screen when Acumen IQ sensor* is used with Swan-Ganz catheter. Or, use ForeSight tissue oximetry sensor with other advanced hemodynamic monitoring solutions to view tissue oximetry alongside pressure and flow parameters.

*Acumen IQ sensor parameters that can be viewed on the Swan-Ganz catheter screen include SVV, Eadyn, dP/dt, HPI and MAP only.

Viewfinder remote app

Viewfinder remote app

Stay informed of critical moments – from anywhere

Access your patients’ hemodynamic insights, trends, alerts and more – directly from your smartphone.*

With Viewfinder remote app, you can:

  • Track patient progress on your smartphone
  • View multiple patients simultaneously
  • Improve clinical workflow

Experience Viewfinder remote app >>

*Acumen Assisted Fluid Management (AFM) software feature not included on Viewfinder remote app. Viewfinder remote app is intended as a visual support aid, not as a monitoring device.

software and
service program

Protect your HemoSphere monitor with HemoSphere 360 software and service program, a comprehensive service that provides continuous updates to your system software and warrants your monitor against damages and downtime.

With HemoSphere 360 program, you can:

  • Get extended warranty coverage and 24/7 technical support, plus expedited shipping and service

  • Receive the latest HemoSphere software upgrades with the most current, up-to-date technology

  • Keep your system running optimally with preventative maintenance

Compatible devices

Comprehensive data keeps you one step ahead in a rapidly changing environment, enabling you to make decisions proactively, maintain patient safety and accelerate their recovery.

ForeSight sensor Acumen IQ cuff ClearSight cuff Acumen IQ sensor FloTrac sensor PediaSat catheter Adv. Swan-Ganz catheter
Venous and tissue oximetry
SvO2 Yes
ScvO2 Yes
StO2 Yes
ΔctHB Yes
Cardiac output
CO/CI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SV/SVI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SVV Yes Yes Yes Yes +
PPV* Yes Yes Yes Yes
PAOP** Yes
SVR/SVRI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eadyn Yes Yes +
dP/dt Yes Yes +
Blood Pressure
SYS/DIA/MAP Yes Yes Yes Yes +
HPI Yes Yes +
+ Parameters from Acumen IQ sensor viewable on the Swan-Ganz catheter screen are limited to SVV, Eadyn, dP/dt, HPI and MAP.
When used with a compatible hemodynamic monitor and accessories.
*PPV available on Acumen IQ sensor, Acumen IQ cuff, FloTrac sensor and ClearSight cuff when using upgraded HemoSphere monitoring platform.
**PAOP available through balloon occlusion function.

Please contact your Edwards Lifesciences representative for sensors and catheters that are compatible with HemoSphere monitor.

HemoSphere platform kitsDescription
HEMCARDIAQ HemoSphere advanced monitoring system with Swan-Ganz module, oximetry cable, pressure cable, HPI, and ForeSight tissue oximetry system (module and cable)
HEMAQSR2 HemoSphere advanced monitoring system with ClearSight module, pressure cable, HPI, and tissue oximetry module
HEMTI2 HemoSphere advanced monitoring system with with ForeSight tissue oximetry system (module and cable)
HemoSphere upgrade kitsDescription
HEMCSMUPG HemoSphere ClearSight with HPI upgrade kit
HEMAQCXUPG HemoSphere pressure cable, HPI, and ForeSight tissue oximetry upgrade kit
HEMCX2 HemoSphere ForeSight tissue oximetry upgrade kit
HemoSphere modulesDescription
HEMCSM10 HemoSphere ClearSight module
HEMTOM10 HemoSphere technology module
HEMSGM10 HemoSphere Swan-Ganz module
HemoSphere cablesDescription
HEMOXSC100 HemoSphere oximetry cable
HEMFSM10 HemoSphere ForeSight tissue oximeter cable
HEMPSC100 HemoSphere pressure cable
HEMDPT1000 HemoSphere pressure-out cable
70CC2 Patient CCO cable
PC2K Pressure controller kit
EVHRS Heart reference sensor
HemoSphere accessoriesDescription
HEMBAT10 HemoSphere battery pack
HEMOXCR1000 HemoSphere oximetry cradle
HEMRLSTD1000 HemoSphere advanced monitor roll stand
PCCVR Pressure controller cover

Edwards clinical education

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With a long-term commitment to improving the quality of care for surgical and critical care patients through education, Edwards clinical education meets you no matter where you are in the learning process – with a continuum of resources and tools that support you as you solve clinical challenges today and in the future.

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