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Employee matching gift program

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Employee matching gift program

Edwards Lifesciences Foundation (Edwards Foundation) is committed to making a difference in communities where Edwards’ employee live and work, and is proud to amplify the philanthropic gifts of Edwards’ employees through the Employee matching gift program. Below are the policies and guidelines of this program.

Match Ratio

Edwards Foundation will match a gift made by an Edwards’ employee (not a spouse or family member) to an eligible U.S. non-profit organization at a one-to-one ratio ($1 gifted from Edwards Foundation up to a maximum of $5,000 for every $1 gifted by the employee).

Match minimum and maximum

The minimum gift amount that Edwards Foundation will match is $50. An employee can submit multiple gift receipts to the same non-profit organization within a calendar year to qualify for the minimum gift amount. Edwards Foundation will match employee gifts to non-profit organizations up to a maximum foundation gift of $5,000 per employee, per calendar year. The maximum amount will be calculated based on the date the matching gift request is submitted.

Match confirmations

Each matching gift request must include a receipt of the cash donation in order to be matched and approved by the Foundation. Acceptable formats include a confirmation email, a scan or image of the receipt provided by the non-profit organization. The receipt must include the date of donation, organization name and contact information, as well as the Edwards’ employee name and amount of the donation.

Eligible non-profit organizations

Edwards Foundation will match gifts made to U.S. non-profit organizations demonstrating 501(c)3 tax status and qualifying as a not-for-profit public charity as defined by Section 509(a)(1), (2), or (3)* of the Internal Revenue Code. Edwards Foundation also matches gifts made to Public Schools as registered with the National Center for Education Statistics. Matching gifts may not be made to non-profit organizations that employ Edwards’ employees. Note that participating on a non-profit organization's board of directors is not considered employment.

Edwards Foundation supports diversity and inclusion in our communities. As such, non-profit organizations participating in the Employee Matching Gift Program must not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of applicable law.

Eligible employees

Edwards employee matching gift program is available to all of Edwards' full-time employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as Edwards’ board of directors. Part-time employees, contract workers, consultants and temporary employees are not eligible for this program.

Eligible types of gifts

Edwards Foundation will match the tax-deductible portion of employee’s gifts made by cash, check and credit card. The Foundation will also match stock donations, as well as gifts coming out of an employee’s donor-advised fund (DAF).

Edwards Foundation will not match the non-tax deductible portion of a gift, including:

  • Gifts of goods and services
  • Gifts that pay, in whole or in part, for tickets to galleries, museums, attendance at galas or fundraising events, sporting events, memberships or registration fees for walks/runs
  • Gifts that benefit the donor or any specific individual
  • Gifts supporting political campaigns or lobbying activities
  • Gifts supporting a private non-operating foundation
  • Gifts that support a scholarship that the donor (or any of the donor's relatives) is eligible to receive or has a role in selecting the scholarship recipient
  • Gifts that support a religious organization that will be used to benefit religious programs with a principal purpose of propagating a particular religious faith, creed or doctrine
  • Gifts of insurance or physical items (i.e. cars, art)
  • Gifts made without the employees first and last name

Please note that non-profit organizations are able to provide donors with the tax-deductible amount of a gift.

Matching gift distribution schedule

Edwards Foundation aggregates requests and distributes matching gifts to non-profit organizations on a monthly basis.

Expiration date

Employees will have one year from the date the gift was made to submit a request for a matching gift from Edwards Foundation.

Request a matching gift

Eligible employees can request a matching gift using our online request form.

*Excluding 509(a)(3) Type III non-functionally integrated organizations.