Many aortic stenosis patients are not treated

“Analysis of patients with severe valve diseases showed that symptomatic patients were frequently denied surgery”
–B. Iung, Bichat Hospital, Paris1

Surgery vs No Surgery in AS patients

Surgery versus Non- Surgery Aortic Stenosis patients Bar Chart

Guidelines are not consistently followed. In actual practice, more than one third of patients eligible for AVR are not referred for evaluation. As the chart illustrates, five different surveys identified 33% to 60% of patients not referred for surgery. Additionally, the Euro Heart Survey of 5000 patients from 92 centers in 25 European countries determined that 32.3% of patients over the age of 75 were denied surgery.1

Reasons many aortic stenosis patients don't get needed treatment

Reasons for AVR Non-referral7

High Risk , Decision under consideration, Patient Preference, Stenosis non-sever, mild symptoms, other

As the chart illustrates, aortic valve disease is common and its prevalence increases with age. For people over the age of 75 years, the prevalence of aortic stenosis is 3%. More than one in eight people over the age of 75 have moderate or severe valve disease.1 As the population ages, this condition becomes an important public health problem.1

Treatment decisions for older patients with severe AS are challenging due to comorbidity; they have a higher operative risk and have reduced life expectancy. In addition, their risk is increased by comorbidities such as heart disease and other conditions that are often present in this age group.8

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