Designed for predictable deployment
*16F eSheath is compatible with the 20 mm and 23 mm SAPIEN XT valves.
18F eSheath is compatible with the 26 mm SAPIEN XT valve.
20F eSheath is compatible with the 29 mm SAPIEN XT valve.

High radial strength cobalt-chromium frame

  • Designed for uniform leaflet coaptation to provide optimal haemodynamic performance
  • Low frame height is designed to respect the cardiac anatomy and minimise risk of conduction system interference

Bovine pericardial tissue

  • Utilises the same bovine pericardial tissue and processes as Edwards surgical valves
  • Leaflets matched for thickness and elasticity to enhance coaptation and maximise durability

Edwards NovaFlex+ delivery system

  • 16F eSheath compatible*
  • Flex catheter stabilises balloon shaft during deployment
  • Balloon-expandable design allows for user-controlled inflation and precise delivery
  • 360° degree Flex Tip provides tight balloon shaft support during valve placement and deployment

Edwards Ascendra+ delivery system

  • Designed for transapical and transaortic delivery
  • Distal tip and balloon shoulder provide a smooth transition from tip to valve
  • Short 55 cm working length improves handling and control
  • Trusted balloon-expandable design allows for user-controlled inflation and facilitates predictable valve deployment
Expanded indications


Aortic Valve


The SAPIEN XT valve may be used in the aortic position via a broad range of access routes - transfemoral, transapical and transaortic.

Mitral Valve


The SAPIEN XT valve may be used in the mitral position via the transapical access route only.

Aortic and mitral valve-in-valve sizing

23 mm26 mm
Bioprosthesis Internal Orifice Diameter* 18-21 mm 21-23.5 mm
Valve-in-valve indications for 23 mm and 26 mm SAPIEN XT valves

*The internal orifice diameter of the surgical bioprosthesis must be determined prior to the procedure for appropriate transcatheter heart valve sizing.
Video library

For professional use

For professional use

For professional use. For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Instructions for Use (consult where applicable). Edwards devices placed on the European market meet the requirements for bearing the CE marking of conformity.

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