In the treatment of severe degenerative mitral regurgitation, the challenges are known, the future is clear.

We are focused on redefining the surgical experience for patients and surgeons, turning procedural challenges into new opportunities for better outcomes.

Introducing reproducible, beating-heart, off-pump surgical mitral repair

A new procedure designed to improve outcomes in degenerative mitral regurgitation (DMR) repair.


Case video

HARPOON system case video

HARPOON Beating Heart Mitral Valve Repair System

Welcome to the future of surgical mitral valve repair

Elegant simplicity in the least-invasive surgical procedure

Performed off pump on a beating heart.

Performed off pump on a beating heart—no cardiopulmonary bypass required, significantly reducing patient impact

Based on fmailiar surgical principles.

Based on familiar surgical principles—enables multiple chords to be deployed in mitral valve repair

Options preserved

Options preserved—preserves the ability to perform future mitral valve repair

Reliable reproducibility with real-time confirmation of results

Guided by echocardiography.

Guided by echocardiography—enables real-time chordal adjustment and confirmation of results

Simplified delivery. Surgical flexibility. Standardised experience.

Small-footprint ePTFE chords with proprietary self-forming knots are easily deployed and securely anchored using the preloaded HARPOON delivery system.

HARPOON delivery System

Dedicated Hemostatic Introducer

Dedicated hemostatic introducer

Minimises blood loss.

Low-profile (9 Fr) delivery system

Low-profile (9 Fr) delivery system

Minimises apical incision size.

Proprietary, self-forming double-helix ePTFE knot

Proprietary, self-forming double-helix ePTFE knot

Preserves the option for future mitral valve repair

Least-invasive surgical procedure for mitral repair

Facilitates excellent safety and rapid patient recovery.

No cardiopulmonary bypass or sternotomy required; <5cm left thoracotomy incision.

Ability to perform procedure through a non-rib-spreading technique in a 1- to 2-hour time frame, enabling faster return to normal activity.

For reliable repair, seeing is achieving

Know before you close
Collaborative echo guidance allows real-time chordal adjustment on the beating heart, ensuring optimal leaflet coaptation and reduction of MR.

HVT Plaecment of knot anchors and multiple chords.


  • Accurate placement of knot anchors
  • Placement of multiple chords

HVT titration of chordal length and tensioning.


  • Titration of chordal length and tensioning

HVT confirmation of results prior to closing.


  • Confirmation of results prior to closing
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HARPOON brochure

HARPOON presentation

The HARPOON System product brochure

Download brochure (PDF)

The HARPOON System product presentation

Download presentation (PDF)

Video library

HARPOON system procedure animation

HARPOON system case video

HARPOON system case video

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For professional use

For professional use

For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Instructions for Use (consult where applicable).

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