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VolumeView system

A view in volumetrics and fluid management.

The VolumeView set from Edwards Lifesciences in combination with EV1000 clinical platform enables the display of volumetric parameters. The VolumeView set is able to offer you a unique, clear, and visual depiction of patient physiology status with both volumetric and advanced hemodynamic parameters - including extravascular lung water (EVLW).

Intended for use in monitoring your acutely ill patients, the VolumeView set when used with the EV1000 monitor, provides informative volumetric parameters (EVLW, PVPI, GEDV and GEF) that can be used specifically in the treatment of pulmonary edema, acute lung injury (ALI) or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The volumetric parameters are provided via transpulmonary thermodilution (TPTD). The VolumeView system is indicated for use in critical care patients in which cardiac function, fluid status, and vascular resistance need constant and/or intermittent assessment. The femoral arterial catheter is indicated for femoral artery insertion.

The VolumeView system, when connected to the EV1000 clinical platform, intermittently measures or calculates CO, CI, SV, SVR and SVRI, via a patented Edwards proprietary VolumeView system algorithm. This algorithm provides continuous trending between calibrations of these key hemodynamic parameters based upon shape variables. SVR and SVRI can also be calibrated through manual, intermittent transpulmonary thermodilution.

VolumeView System

The VolumeView set is comprised of the VolumeView sensor, the VolumeView femoral arterial catheter and the VolumeView thermistor manifold.

Physiology screen - continuous

Physiology screen - intermittent

VolumeView System
VolumeView Output Parameters
VolumeView Output Parameters
VolumeView System

Physiology screen - continuous

VolumeView Output Parameters

Physiology screen - intermittent

VolumeView Output Parameters
ModelFrench sizeDescriptionPack size
VLV8R5205 5 20 cm catheter / VolumeView sensor / venous injectate kit / TruWave disposable pressure transducer 5
VLV8R4165 4 16 cm catheter / VolumeView sensor / venous injectate kit / TruWave disposable pressure transducer 5
VLV8R5 VolumeView sensor 5
VLVCVT5 VolumeView venous thermistor manifold 5
VLVFC5205 5 20 cm VolumeView femoral catheter 5
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Product implementation

VolumeView system setup video

This setup video details the process of setting up the VolumeView system with the EV1000 clinical platform.

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VolumeView system setup guide

VolumeView/EV1000 setup

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