Fogarty® disposable clamp inserts

Clamp insert sets are available in 33, 61 and 86 mm sizes for a wide range of procedures. Not made with natural rubber latex. For the balance of atraumaticity and traction, Fogarty clamp inserts give you the maximum flexibility – allowing you to choose the ideal type of occlusion to meet your surgical needs.

  • Hydrajaw inserts are made of hollow rubber filled with medical-grade silicone to provide smooth atraumatic occlusion
  • Softjaw inserts are comprised of compliant sponge rubber for a firm, smooth atraumatic occlusion
  • Safejaw inserts gently surround blood vessels with rows of soft, rubber pyramids to provide a more secure occlusion
  • Tractionjaw inserts have a rigid surface, with rows of solid polymer ridges for maximum traction
  • Clamp inserts are radiopaque

Fogarty-Hydragrip surgical clamp insert sets

ModelDescriptionLength (mm)Jaw
 DHYDRA33  Double Hydrajaw* 33 2 Hydrajaws
 DHYDRA61  Double Hydrajaw* 61 2 Hydrajaws
 DHYDRA86  Double Hydrajaw* 86 2 Hydrajaws
 DSOFT33  Double Softjaw 33 2 Softjaws
 DSOFT61  Double Softjaw 61 2 Softjaws
 DSOFT86  Double Softjaw 86 2 Softjaws
 SAFEHY33  Safejaw-Hydrajaw 33 1 Safejaw, 1 Hydrajaw
 SAFEHY61  Safejaw-Hydrajaw 61 1 Safejaw, 1 Hydrajaw
 SAFEHY86  Safejaw-Hydrajaw 86 1 Safejaw, 1 Hydrajaw
 SAFE33  Safejaw 33 1 Safejaw, 1 Softjaw
 SAFE61  Safejaw 61 1 Safejaw, 1 Softjaw
 SAFE86  Safejaw 86 1 Safejaw, 1 Softjaw
 EVERGRIP33  EverGrip 33 2 EverGrips
 EVERGRIP61  EverGrip 61 2 EverGrips
 EVERGRIP86  EverGrip 86 2 EverGrips
 HYDRA33  Hydrajaw 33 1 Hydrajaw, 1 Tractionjaw
 HYDRA61  Hydrajaw 61 1 Hydrajaw, 1 Tractionjaw
 HYDRA86  Hydrajaw 86 1 Hydrajaw, 1 Tractionjaw
 SOFT33  Softjaw 33 1 Softjaw, 1 Tractionjaw
 SOFT61  Softjaw 61 1 Softjaw, 1 Tractionjaw
 SOFT86  Softjaw 86 1 Softjaw, 1 Tractionjaw

*The Hydrajaw inserts may be resterilized and reused.

Clamps are used to temporarily occlude veins and arteries. The Cosgrove Flex Clamp was developed by Cardinal Health V. Mueller in conjunction with Dr. Delos Cosgrove and the Cleveland Clinic.

Fogarty Hydragrip clamps

  • Provide occlusion of atherosclerotic vessels without excessive clamping forces.
  • Minimizes intimal damage and fragmentation of atherosclerotic material.
  • Performs efficiently on either diseased or normal vessels.

Cosgrove flex clamps standard features include enough clamping force for total vessel occlusion without excessive pressure.

Quick bend flex clamp

  • Shorter neck allows shaft to bend closer to the jaw for a tighter bending radius

Slim fit flex clamp

  • Slim jaw profile permits use in narrow incisions
cosgrove flex clamps Clamps

Cosgrove flex clamps

ModelDescriptionFogarty insert size (mm)
 CV1133  Quick Bend Clamp 33
 CV1161  Quick Bend Clamp 61
 CV1186  Quick Bend Clamp 86
 CV1033  Slim Fit Clamp 33
 CV1061  Slim Fit Clamp 61

Fogarty-HydraGrip clamps

ModelDescriptionLengthFogarty insert Size (mm)
 CV5020 Straight Jaw and Shank 6 1/2" (16.5 cm) 33
 CV5025 Angled Jaw and Shank 4 5/8" (11.8 cm) 33
 CV5030 Straight Jaw and Shank 11 1/2" (29.2 cm) 61
 CV5040 Angled Jaw and Shank 8 3/4" (22.2 cm) 61
 CV5045 Angled Jaw CVD Shank 8 1/2" (21.6 cm) 61
 CV5050 Angled Jaw CVD Shank 9 1/4" (23.5 cm) 86
 CV5055 Straight 12 1/4" (18.4 cm) 86

Fogarty spring clip applicators

ModelEdwards spring clip size (mm)
 CV5110 6
 CV5111 12

Fogarty disposable spring clips & handleless clamps

Wide selection of spring clips and handleless clamps for the occlusion of delicate vascular structures and for other clamping procedures. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Fogarty ® spring clips

  • Are designed to provide a consistent degree of tension
  • EverClip reduced force spring clip is designed to minimize vessel trauma while maintaining occlusion

Fogarty ® handleless clamps

  • A ratchet-type mechanism allows for desired degree of pressure

Spring clips and handleless clamps are radiopaque for visualization under fluoroscopy


Fogarty spring clips, parallel jaw spring clips and handleless clamps

CSOFT6 Fogarty Softjaw Spring Clip 6 2 Softjaws
CSOFT12 Fogarty Softjaw Spring Clip 12 2 Softjaws
 CSAFE6  Fogarty Safejaw Spring Clip 6 1 Softjaw, 1 Safejaw
CDSAFE6 Fogarty Double Safejaw Spring Clip 6 2 Safejaws
CPARAL6 Edslab Parallel Jaw Spring Clip 6 2 Tractionjaws
CPARAL12 Edslab Parallel Jaw Spring Clip 12 2 Tractionjaws
HCDSOFT8 Double Softjaw Handleless Clamp 8 2 Softjaws
HCSOFT10 Single Softjaw Handleless Clamp 10 1 Softjaw, 1 Tractionjaw
EVERCLIP6 Fogarty EverClip Spring Clip 6 2 EverClip jaws

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For professional use

For professional use

For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Instructions for Use (consult where applicable).

Edwards Lifesciences devices placed on the European market meeting the essential requirements referred to in Article 3 of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC bear the CE marking of conformity.

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