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Professional areas

At Edwards, each employee—whether we’re working on developing innovative products for our R&D team, implementing marketing strategies to broaden our impact, or ensuring FDA approval with the regulatory team—plays a crucial role in delivering life-saving products for patients who are fighting cardiovascular disease. We partner across functions, communicating, influencing, networking, and collaborating to get things done. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we do!

Manufacturing engineering

Manufacturing engineering is a critical function at Edwards. We provide outstanding opportunities at our six world-class facilities to work on a variety of life-saving products. We ask our engineers to utilize operational excellence tools to develop innovative solutions, improve efficiencies, and reduce cost of product to market. Whether you’re working to bring new products to market or focusing on sustaining and improving our current processes, working here is exciting. It requires a careful balance between thinking like an R&D engineer from a design perspective and thinking like a manufacturing engineer from a process perspective.

Research and development

Research and development is what we do. Each year we invest a significant percentage of our sales into R&D to drive innovation. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for unmet patient needs. Our collaborative team members solve problems and come with solutions. As a member of the team, you will skillfully manage life-saving products from inception to commercialization, all the while keeping personal and professional integrity as a top priority. Come work at Edwards and be part of the innovation.


We love challenges. That’s what we do in regulatory—tackle challenges head on to help patients gain access to our groundbreaking, life-saving products. We partner with various governments and other regulatory agencies to bring our products into the hands of clinicians to help save people’s lives. The work is complex and requires tenacity and creativity.

Quality engineering

At Edwards, quality engineers are empowered to work side-by-side with R&D and manufacturing, providing tactical hands-on partnership that helps the manufacturing line run more efficiently while fostering product innovation. Our quality engineers are compliant, patient-focused, and charged with implementing and maintaining strong quality management systems. They understand domestic and international regulations and make decisions to ensure that clinicians and patients continue to receive the high-quality products upon which the Edwards brand is based.


Our marketing team partners with clinicians and our sales force to help build market strategies that engage R&D, manufacturing, and quality to help solve unmet patient needs, raise awareness of company products, and develop innovative marketing strategies.

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