Our culture

With strong roots in discovery, we like to try new things. We invest in our future and thrive on innovation. We're at the cutting-edge of what we do. We continually innovate, push boundaries, and solve problems creatively. There's a sense of community and passion that comes with our shared mission of putting patients first, which is also reflected in all of our philanthropic endeavors.

It's how we continue to advance technology and transform lives around the world. It's a big job, one that requires big thinking. We couldn't do it without our employees, who are enthusiastic, talented, and creative problem solvers. They remain committed to their work with a sense of urgency and ownership.

Our Employees
Our Employees

Our Employees


Our Employees

What we value

We value talent-the talent in our employees, in our partners, and in our communities. We value investing in the innovation that leads to life-saving products and therapies. Our values are evident in the way we leverage our talent to accomplish our goals. To ensure we are always advancing, we:

  • Surround ourselves with people who have different points of view, people who push us to think differently
  • Challenge ourselves to keep things simple-it gives us space to learn and grow
  • Celebrate our successes-and learn from our failures

What you value

As an Edwards employee, you will play an important role in keeping our inventive and philanthropic culture alive. Our employees have unique characteristics that lead us to success, including:

  • Always putting patients first
  • Understanding that surprises are unexpected opportunities to innovate and improve
  • Knowing that anything is possible; you're optimistic and willing to dream big and take risks
  • Valuing the ability to challenge the system and question the status quo to help you improve

You also understand the importance of constantly learning and developing your career. When it comes to your own career development, you're in the driver's seat. We encourage and empower you to engage in discussions with your manager about your career aspirations, as well as invest in the many professional development resources and tools available for you.

Within Edwards, helping patients is our life's work, and life is now. We cannot accomplish this mission without healthy employees. We are committed to supporting programs and activities throughout our global locations that allow you to continue taking ownership of your personal health.

Our Wellness program takes a holistic approach to enhance your overall well-being and each of our locations engage in a variety of wellness activities best suited to their needs. Within Europe, there are plenty of wellness resources to tap into based on your interests and goals, from healthy food options and cooking demonstrations to financial seminars. If you love getting fit, take advantage of the onsite gyms (in several locations) or allowance towards gym membership or planned physical activites.

Our passion to help people extends far beyond the walls of Edwards Lifesciences and into the global communities where our employees live and work. We thrive on getting involved and giving back to those in need, and we partner with hundreds of nonprofit organizations around the world to carry out our patient- and community-focused philanthropy.

Employees are central to our giving and are highly engaged in our aspiration to reach 100% participation in at least one charitable activity each year. You also have the opportunity to suggest and lead new ideas for our giving programs, and we support those causes that are most important to you by matching gifts to nonprofit organizations through our Employee Matching Gift Program. Want to know more? Visit Global Corporate Giving.

We don't stop. Whether we're establishing new relationships with other employees or building networks outside of Edwards with clinicians, physicians, universities, or philanthropic organizations, we continue to push forward and break new ground. We partner closely and collaborate with one another to get the job done well. We all share a common powerful goal: putting patients first.

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