What We Do

Edwards Lifesciences partners with physicians to innovate products designed to help patients live longer, healthier and more productive lives. We focus on medical technologies that address large and growing patient populations in which there are significant unmet clinical needs, such as structural heart disease and critical care monitoring.

Our technologies are categorized into our four business units - heart valve therapy, critical care, cardiac surgery systems and vascular – each with a rich history and unique patient focus.

Gloria – recipient of the
Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT
aortic heart valve
“This valve has allowed me to continue enjoying my life with my children and grandchildren.”
Heart Valve Therapy
Since developing the first heart valve in 1958, we have continued to meaningfully advance heart valve therapy and, more than 50 years later, we remain the global leader in this field. Our offerings include tissue replacement heart valves and valve repair products, such as those marketed under the Carpentier-Edwards, Cosgrove-Edwards, Edwards Prima Plus, Edwards SAPIEN, Magna and PERIMOUNT brands. In addition, our new INTUITY aortic valve system is currently being studied in a European clinical trial.

We also lead the development of new investigative technologies designed for the non-surgical replacement of heart valves. We believe transcatheter valves hold great promise for patients considered high-risk for conventional valve replacement as this technology allows clinicians to deliver valves via a catheter, eliminating the need for traditional open-heart surgery. Our Edwards SAPIEN transcatheter heart valve has been commercially available in Europe since 2007 and is being studied in the U.S. PARTNER Trial, the world’s first randomized clinical trial of a transcatheter heart valve. Our Edwards SAPIEN XT valve, the second commercially available transcatheter valve in the Edwards SAPIEN product portfolio, is currently being studied in Japan's first clinical trial of a transcatheter valve. We are the only company to commercialize both transfemoral and transapical transcatheter aortic valve systems.

Critical Care
We have been advancing critical care monitoring for more than 40 years, following the development of the Swan-Ganz line of hemodynamic monitoring devices - the gold-standard for measuring cardiovascular performance during surgical procedures and in post-surgical intensive care settings. Our FloTrac system is used to gather some of the same patient information as the Swan-Ganz catheter less invasively. Our PreSep oximetry catheter is used in an emergency room protocol called early goal-directed therapy, which has been clinically proven to significantly reduce death and healthcare expenses related to severe sepsis – the number one cause of death in the non-coronary intensive care unit.

In late 2010, we launched our VolumeView set and EV1000 clinical platform in Europe. When used with the EV1000 clinical platform, the VolumeView set measures a patient’s volumetric hemodynamic parameters and provides more clarity for clinicians treating critically ill patients. In addition, our EV1000 clinical platform integrates many of our sensors and catheters into one intuitive system. With a touch-screen monitor that displays a patient’s physiologic status, as well as color-coded clinical targets and alerts, this new clinical platform is designed to simplify decision-making in the hospital environment.

Cardiac Surgery Systems
Our cardiac surgery systems product line offers market-leading technologies that facilitate on-pump cardiac surgery procedures through smaller incisions. The Edwards Lifesciences minimally invasive valve surgery system is comprised of soft tissue retractors, venous and arterial cannulae, aortic occlusion, venting, and coronary sinus catheters, as well as reusable instruments for performing minimally invasive valvular procedures.

We also offer the Edwards Protection Cannulae product line, which is a global leader in the cardiovascular cannulae market. This product line features differentiated products used for venous drainage, aortic perfusion, venting, and cardioplegia delivery. Additionally, our EMBOL-X intra aortic filtration system is designed to capture emboli released at both application and release of the aortic cross clamp during on-pump cardiac surgery.

Our vascular product line includes the industry-standard Fogarty clot management catheters, which have evolved to meet specialists’ clinical needs over the past 45 years. Additional vascular products include Fogarty clamp inserts and spring clips for the gentle occlusion of vessels during surgery, as well as other balloon-tipped catheters.