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COVID-19 patient inquiries

During this evolving global situation with COVID-19, we know that you may have questions or concerns about treatment for heart valve disease. Please consult with your doctor or heart team for guidance and current information on your care and treatment. In addition to the questions listed below, there are links to Heart Valve Voice and the American Heart Association for more information on COVID-19 and heart valve disease. We wish you the best in your health journey.

Can heart valves get infected in the manufacturing process?

There is no impact to Edwards Lifesciences’ product safety from the coronavirus, COVID-19. In the normal course of its heart valve manufacturing, Edwards’ processing of pericardial tissue uses a highly effective process for Viral Inactivation. The work areas and tools utilized in the manufacturing processes are also cleaned and sanitized. Should it ever be present, coronavirus would be quickly eliminated in Edwards’ tissue processing and sanitization procedures.

Can COVID-19 infect my heart valve after my implant?

There is no evidence COVID-19, which is a respiratory infection, can infect a heart valve after implantation, but please consult with your doctor or heart team for guidance and current information on your care and treatment.

Additional Resources

If you are looking for information about whether or not to seek heart valve care, Heart Valve Voice has produced Guidance for Patients Regarding Elective Procedures, along with additional COVID-19 resources created for people looking for this type of information.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has posted a YouTube video focused on COVID-19 and Heart Valve Disease featuring Dr. Suzanne Arnold from St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City. Additionally, the AHA has a coronavirus and heart health section on its website,

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