Corporate responsibility


Mike Mussallem
Chairman and CEO

A message from Mike Mussallem, Chairman and CEO

Our reputation and integrity are central to Edwards Lifesciences' ability to be successful globally. Integrity is a key ingredient in building and maintaining our relationships as trusted partners, both internally and externally.

At Edwards, our people are committed to integrity, honesty, openness and fairness. Edwards' Global Business Practice Standards, what we call the Titanium Book, is a practical guide to help us with business practice issues we face as a dynamic, growing corporation. It helps explain the universal principles governing our business, provides clarity about expectations and identifies resources that support these standards. We ask each of our employees to read this document carefully to be sure they understand its content and are willing to embrace its principles. We also depend on each employee to exercise intelligence, common sense and good judgment as they apply the principles in their work.

Our reputation must be guarded carefully and reinforced continuously through our actions. Our employees' performance and commitment to conducting Edwards' business in a manner consistent with our Global Business Practice Standards and Our Credo are essential to Edwards' continued success.


Tania Saison
VP, Chief Responsibility Officer

A message from Tania Saison, Chief Responsibility Officer

Edwards Lifesciences has long been committed to doing the right thing. Compliance and ethics are a part of who we are and what we do. Our Board of Directors and senior leadership are committed to maintaining our ethical culture and give their unwavering support to our Global Integrity Program. As Edwards’ Chief Responsibility Officer, I oversee our compliance program. We strive to embed compliance in every aspect of our business. We challenge every employee worldwide to do the right thing and to lead by example. At Edwards, we recognize that success is built on integrity, and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. That is good business, and it is the right thing to do.