Professional development  Professional development

Professional development

Edwards is built on the skills and talents of our employees. Ongoing professional development of our employees is critical to our mission. Strengthening our organization is one of our company's key initiatives, and strengthening our organization includes developing our employees.

Edwards University provides our employees with tools to help them better manage their professional development needs by bringing together educational content from all areas of the company in one platform.

The Edwards University mission

The primary mission of Edwards University is to provide our employees with valued learning opportunities to foster personal and professional growth to deliver business results. Edwards University aspires to serve as the best-in-class global learning platform that brings learning to life to develop talent through the use of relevant quality content. Our goals include:

  • Developing talent by giving our global employees a one-stop shop to access development programs and investments
  • Increasing our capability to develop our talent through continuous investment in providing highly relevant programs, content and courses
  • Linking the Edwards’ culture across the globe by promoting the Edwards Story, Aspirations, and Credo by providing insight into our leaders, products, and markets
  • Simplifying the employee learning experience by adding more structure, governance, and consistency throughout our learning content, systems, and processes

We offer the opportunity for education, skill, and increased knowledge by providing:

  • Foundational understanding of who Edwards is with insights to our leaders, products, patients, and history
  • Information on patient demographics and products
  • An overview on how our company functions within a product lifecycle
  • Recommended courses
  • Training tools

Access to discounted courses through our educational partnerships.

Outside learning opportunities

Edwards also offers our employees tuition assistance for continuing education and degree programs at institutions of higher education. It's just one of the many benefits we provide.

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