Next generation TruClip holder  Next generation TruClip holder

TruClip holder

TruClip holder provides a streamlined and efficient sensor, transducer, and reservoir organization that can be used across the continuum of care – from OR into the ICU.

The TruClip holder quickly attaches to a wide variety of IV poles; holds up to seven Edwards Lifesciences pressure monitoring, arterial pressure cardiac output (APCO), and blood sampling devices. 

The TruClip holder quickly attaches to a wide variety of IV poles; holds up to seven Edwards pressure monitoring Simple, convenient and easy to use

The TruClip holder’s design facilitates fast setup by replacing traditional C-clamp holders that require two hands to operate. A simple squeeze-and-release clamping action allows single-handed operation for efficient mounting and quick adjustments in time-sensitive situations. Four mounting spaces on the front and three on the back help provide a clear, uncluttered environment in the OR and at the bedside.



Color-coded inserts for easy identification of disposable pressure transducer (DPT) lines


Accommodates a wide variety of IV poles


Improved rubber grips, reinforced structure, robust design

Easy to use

Intuitive design offers quick and easy attachment and adjustment using just one hand

Maximum efficiency with your clinical workflow

By optimizing time to allow quick and simple organization of bedside systems, the TruClip holder may improve the efficiency of invasive monitoring throughout the hospital.

TruClip holder brochure

Model numberDimensionsWeight limitCompatible IV pole diameters
TCLIP05 8" L x 2.75" W x 2.5" H 2.5 lbs 0.5" - 1.5"

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The versatile design of the TruClip holder allows it to work with a variety of devices, including the Edwards TruWave disposable pressure transducers, VAMP Adult and VAMP Plus closed blood sampling systems, Z-site sampling ports, and FloTrac sensors.

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