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HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform helps you stay ahead of critical moments. For individualised patient management across a diversity of patient profiles and care settings, HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform offers compatibility with a range of sensors and catheters: ForeSight Elite tissue oximetry sensor, Acumen IQ sensor, FloTrac sensor, Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheter, and Edwards oximetry central venous catheter.

Available with Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software, this first-of-its-kind predictive decision support software detects the likelihood of a patient trending towards a hypotensive event* before the event occurs, and provides you with insights to understand the root cause and inform a potential course of action for your patient.

* A hypotensive event is defined as mean arterial pressure (MAP) <65 mmHg for at least one minute
Choice for individualised patient care

HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform offers an enhanced visual monitoring experience with enhanced screen clarity, intuitive navigation, and responsive touch for intelligent decision support and individualised patient care.

Predictive decision support software

Predictive decision support software

Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index software is the first-of-its-kind predictive decision support software that detects the likelihood of a patient trending towards a hypotensive event* before the event occurs, and provides you with insights to understand the root cause and inform a potential course of action for your patient.

For more information, please visit:
Acumen Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI) software

* A hypotensive event is defined as mean arterial pressure (MAP) <65 mmHg for at least one minute

Compatible products

Compatible products

With a broad portfolio of solutions the HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform offers seamless compatibility with Edwards sensors and catheters.



Allows you to select, place, and track individualised patient response to interventions over time while providing key trending data.



Adapts to a range of clinical environments, applications, and patient requirements, including tabletop, pole, or rack placement.



Ability to choose from advanced haemodynamic parameters.

Modular design

Modular design

Enables you to choose the haemodynamic monitoring solution, module and / or cable to meet your clinical needs.

Quick zero from cable

Quick zero from cable

To zero the pressure cable you can touch the Zero & Waveform icon located on the navigation bar or press the physical zero button directly on the pressure cable.

Hot swappable battery

Hot swappable battery

Enables monitoring to be resumed during and after transfer between clinical environments.

Proactive patient insights for smart recovery

Advanced haemodynamic parameters help guide proactive decision making in a range of clinical situations and settings so you can maintain optimal patient perfusion.

Cerebral desaturations icon

Cerebral desaturations

Research demonstrates that cerebral desaturations have been associated with post-operative neurocognitive disorders, increased ICU and hospital length of stay, increased incidence of stroke, and decreased survival1-3. HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform provides a comprehensive picture of oxygen delivery and consumption to manage moderate- to high-risk patients.2,3

Sepsis management icon

Sepsis management

Severe sepsis and septic shock are among the most important causes of morbidity and mortality in patients admitted to the intensive care unit.5 Access to cardiac output (CO) and stroke volume (SV) enables early detection and management of sepsis which is critical to improving survival rates and reducing the economic burden of sepsis.6

Hypotension icon


Recent studies show associations between intraoperative hypotension (IOH) and increased risk of acute kidney injury (AKI) and myocardial injury — the leading cause of post-operative mortality within 30 days after surgery.4 Early detection of hypotension by continuous haemodynamic monitoring can reduce a patient’s risk.4

Hemodynamic instability icon

haemodynamic instability

HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform enables access to continuous pressure and flow parameters, helping to determine patient fluid responsiveness and guide individualised fluid management targets. Proactive monitoring of stroke volume (SV) and stroke volume variation (SVV) have been shown to effectively optimise patient fluid resuscitation and guide proper fluid administration.7

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Compatible products

The HemoSphere advanced monitoring platform is compatible with the following Edwards solutions:

ForeSight Elite sensors deliver accurate performance and precision in tissue oximetry.

ForeSight Elite tissue oximetry sensor

ForeSight Elite tissue oximetry sensor delivers accurate* performance and precision1 in tissue oximetry. Reliable, real-time monitoring of surgical patients provides decision support for detecting and managing hypoxic events as soon as they occur.


Learn more

Acumen IQ sensor predicts the likelihood of a hypotensive event to reduce hypotension in surgical patients.

Acumen IQ sensor

Unlock the first-of-its-kind intelligent decision support with the minimally-invasive Acumen IQ sensor. This attaches to any existing radial arterial line and automatically calculates key parameters every 20 seconds. In addition to existing advanced haemodynamic parameters, the Acumen IQ sensor delivers Acumen HPI, a predictive monitoring parameter for hypotension.

CO/CI | SV/SVI | SVR/SVRI | SVV/PPV | MAP | HPI | Eadyn | dP/dt

Learn more

The FloTrac system offers proactive decision support to manage hemodynamic instability and ensure adequate perfusion.

FloTrac sensor

Delivers advanced pressure and flow parameters for managing perfusion. Offers continuous insight to determine patient’s haemodynamic status. Seamlessly connects to any existing arterial catheter.


Learn more

Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheters offers flow, pressure, and oxygen delivery and consumption.

Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheter

With a single device, clinicians can continuously assess flow, pressure and the global indicators of oxygen saturation. By providing a comprehensive haemodynamic profile, utilising continuous data, Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheters accurately* track your patient’s haemodynamic status to assist your early evaluation.


Learn more

Edwards oximetry central venous catheter continuously monitors central venous oxygen saturation (Scv02).

Edwards oximetry central venous catheter

The catheter is a triple lumen central venous oximetry catheter with an added capability for continuously monitoring central venous oxygen saturation.

ScvO2 | CVP

Learn more

  1. Benni, P., MacLeod, D., Ikeda, K., Hung-Mo, L. (2017) A validation method for near-infrared spectroscopy based tissue oximeters for cerebral and somatic tissue oxygenation saturation measurements. J Clinc Monit Comput. 10.1007.
*Data on file.
Model numbers

Please contact your Edwards representative for sensors and catheters that are compatible with HemoSphere monitor.

HemoSphere platform kits and accessoriesDescription
HEMSGAQCX2 HemoSphere advanced monitoring system with Swan-Ganz module, oximetry cable, pressure cable, HPI, and tissue oximetry module
HEMAQCX2 HemoSphere advanced monitoring system with oximetry cable, pressure cable, HPI, and tissue oximetry module
HEMTI2 HemoSphere advanced monitoring system with tissue oximetry module
HEMCX2 HemoSphere tissue oximetry upgrade kit
HemoSphere modulesDescription
HEMFSM10 HemoSphere ForeSight Elite tissue oximeter module
HEMSGM10 HemoSphere Swan-Ganz module
HEMTOM10 HemoSphere tissue oximetry module
HemoSphere cablesDescription
HEMOXSC100 HemoSphere oximetry cable
HEMPSC100 HemoSphere pressure cable
HEMDPT1000 HemoSphere pressure-out cable
70CC2 Patient CCO cable
HemoSphere accessoriesDescription
HEMBAT10 HemoSphere battery pack
HEMOXCR1000 HemoSphere oximetry cradle
HEMRLSTD1000 HemoSphere advanced monitor roll stand

Technical Bulletins

We are committed to evolving our solutions to enhance your experience. Our technical bulletins summarise the latest developments and enhancements on your monitoring platform. These bulletins will be updated throughout the year to keep you informed. Please click here to learn more.

Tech Bulletins

Edwards clinical education

Haemodynamic education empowering clinical advancement

With a long-term commitment to improving the quality of care for surgical and critical care patients through education, Edwards clinical education meets you no matter where you are in the learning process — with a continuum of resources and tools that continuously support you as you solve the clinical challenges facing you today, and in the future.

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Enabling proactive clinical decisions.

For more than 50 years, Edwards Lifesciences has been helping you make proactive clinical decisions and advance the care of surgical and acutely ill patients across the continuum of care. Through continuing collaboration with our clinicians, ongoing education, and our never-ending quest for innovation, Edwards continues to develop smart haemodynamic management solutions that enable proactive decision support.

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Important safety information

Important safety information

CAUTION: For professional use only. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events.

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