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The power of the patient voice

At Edwards Lifesciences, we listen when patients talk. Why? Because patients provide us information about their experience that can help us improve our products. Their stories inspire us to continue to fight on their behalf. And they can provide comfort and support to each other when we help them connect. That’s why we bring patients together for our annual Patient Experience. It’s why our foundation supports patient advocacy programs. It’s why we connect patients to policy-makers, to researchers, and to communities. It’s how we learn new ways to improve our products and adapt our programs.

Through initiatives led by Edwards and our non-profit partners, we empower patients to use their experience to help themselves and others and to build a community of patients who care about making a difference. For more information about our annual performance and goals, please visit the patient voice page of our sustainability report.

Join our community of patients who care and want to stay connected and informed, and notified about opportunities to share your unique story to help others.

The Patient Experience

Join us and help us help others

Your voice is invaluable. You’ve been there. You know what it feels like.

The Patient Experience is about bringing together people like you who have benefitted from Edwards Lifesciences technologies, to connect with our teams, with one another, and with patient organizations. We engage an intimate group of patients who share their experience and expertise. Your insights can help Edwards and our partners have an impact on the lives of future patients.

At The Patient Experience attendees...

  • Learn about heart valve and critical care innovations
  • Meet Edwards leaders and employees dedicated to serving people like you
  • Participate in discussions to help improve the patient-caregiver experience
  • Tour our manufacturing facility and meet employees who designed or handcrafted your device
  • Learn how you can get involved and play a role in supporting other patients and caregivers

We look forward to hosting more events in the future. In the meantime, we invite you to click here to register for our next Patient Experience.

Edwards Lifesciences hosts The Patient Experience 

Edwards Lifesciences hosted dozens of patients and care partners at its corporate headquarters to connect patients with each other and to share more about the people behind their heart valve technologies and the support services and networks dedicated to the heart community.

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Patient programs and support networks empower the patient voice

Edwards Lifesciences supports patient organizations around the world because they are uniquely positioned to provide much-needed services to patients.  Whether the organization provides peer-to-peer training and support, disease awareness and public education, insights into the patient perspective, advocacy on policy initiatives, opportunities for our employees to give back to the community, or efforts to educate and empower patients to advocate on their own behalf, we are proud to support their efforts to advance people's health and quality of life.

We ensure that collaboration between our company and patient organizations is always transparent, and complies with local laws and regulations. Through transparency and our internal policies, we support the independence of these organizations, and provide an ethical setting for our efforts to improve people’s lives. Click here if you seek additional information on how or why Edwards supports or works with patient organizations.

Learn more about the important work some of the groups we support are doing around the world: 

Austria Meine Herzklappe
Brazil Instituto Lado a Lado
Canada Heart and Stroke Canada
Canada Heart Valve Voice Canada
Europe European Patients’ Forum
France Alliance du Cœur
Germany Initiative Herzklappe
Global The Global Heart Hub
Ireland Croí
Israel Israeli Heart Association
Italy Cuore Italia
Japan Heart Valve Disease Network
Mexico Pacientes de Corazón
UK Heart Valve Voice
USA Alliance for Aging Research
USA American Heart Association
USA Heart Valve Voice US
USA Mended Hearts
USA The Sepsis Alliance

The Edwards Lifesciences Foundation also supports patient organizations and their charitable activities.  For more information about the organizations the Foundation supports, click here.

The guiding principles for relationships between Edwards Lifesciences Corporation and patient organizations

The objective of these global guidelines is to ensure collaboration and other interactions between Edwards Lifesciences Corporation (Edwards) and patient organizations are both productive and ethical. Edwards and the patient organizations it works together with share the mutual aims of helping patients and working on behalf of their interests. Ethical and transparent collaboration helps enable and support patients and patient organizations with the goal of elevating the patient voice and improving patient health outcomes.

The underlying principles

  • Edwards’ financial or in-kind support of patient organizations is consistent with the patient organization’s mission and has the primary objective of advancing patient health. Initiatives supported by Edwards may include those focused on improving disease awareness, accurate and timely diagnosis and access to treatment for people living with disease.
  • Independence of patient organizations is always respected and the interactions between Edwards and these organizations will comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any financial support of patient organizations by Edwards is documented in writing and reflects the principles outlined in this document. Such agreements are developed in the spirit of mutual respect and trust, and based on sound medical, educational and public policy grounds, including the protection of patient privacy.
  • Patient organizations supported by Edwards should seek donations in a fair and transparent manner from multiple sources to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest and to preserve their autonomy. 

Mutual transparency

On we disclose the names of patient organizations that the company provides financial or in-kind support or purchases services at fair market value. This information is updated annually.

Agreements entered into between Edwards and patient organizations require the patient organization to publicly disclose all industry funders (including Edwards) on its website and, if applicable, in materials related to activities that have been funded by an industry sponsor or others.


Edwards may provide patient organizations with financial support in the form of:
  • Charitable donations, provided the organization is a qualified charity and the donation is in support of the organization’s stated charitable mission.
  • Grants, unrestricted or restricted to purposes aligned with the mission of the patient organization.
  • Sponsorship of a specific activity or initiative undertaken by the patient organization.

Edwards support for meetings and activities is permissible when the primary purposes of the activity is professional, educational, scientific or otherwise consistent with a patient organization’s mission and is held in appropriate venues with modest meals and refreshments. 

Agreements between Edwards and patient organizations will be monitored to ensure that they are executed in line with the proposals and objectives, as agreed upon.

Edwards will neither offer nor withhold funding in return for a patient organization agreeing to:
  • Provide product promotion activities (branded or unbranded);
  • Promote or endorse Edwards products or services;
  • Support a campaign that is funded, developed and managed solely by Edwards; or
  • Afford special privileges, overt or implied, such as allowing Edwards to:
    • Direct or unduly influence a meeting agenda
    • Unduly influence educational materials or content
    • Choose speakers at organization-hosted events
    • Influence the outcome of research 
Edwards is fully committed to patient organizations establishing and maintaining their independence and autonomy. In support of this, Edwards will not provide financial support to patient organizations if Edwards is the sole source of funding, unless the funding is:
  • For an event or project, provided:
    • The funding is to support a specific event or time-specific project, and
    • The event or project is one of several projects the organization has or is organizing during the same calendar year, which are financially supported by others besides Edwards, and
    • The opportunity to support the event or project is made available to multiple sponsors.
  • For a new, start-up patient organization, provided:
    • The organization can demonstrate that it must rely on a single source of funding in its set-up phase, and
    • The patient organization immediately seeks funding from multiple sources, and
    • The patient organization secures and maintains multiple funding sources within, at the latest, 36 months of achieving charitable/ non-profit status

Interactions with patient organizations

To respect patient groups’ independence, Edwards will not:
  • Attempt to direct or control the organization’s mission, leadership or priorities;
  • Provide unsolicited advice or input outside the scope of a specific agreement;
  • Provide or present branded marketing materials for use by the organization; or
  • Request the patient group to endorse or support a campaign that is run solely by Edwards

Edwards does not contract with patient organization leaders, employees or individuals having governance responsibilities as consultants or service providers to Edwards on matters associated with their patient organization roles or on matters which might create a conflict of interest. 

All Edwards communications and interactions with patient organizations and/or their designated representatives are advisory in nature. Relationships with patient orgs are managed by employees trained and operating within these guiding principles, and in coordination with Edwards’ Patient Engagement personnel, to ensure appropriate interactions in compliance with local laws and regulations. 

Edwards may engage patient organizations to provide patient services subject to the following:
  • A legitimate need for services is identified and documented prior to engaging, and
  • The organization is qualified to provide the services, and
  • Organization is not paid more than fair market value.

Join our community of patients who care and want to stay connected and informed, and notified about opportunities to share your unique story to help others.

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Thank you for learning more about sharing your powerful voice to help others.

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