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The EDWARDS INTUITY Elite valve system combines our proven pericardial valve technology with our innovations in transcatheter heart valves.

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Bovine Pericardium

Provides proven durability with three independent leaflets matched for thickness and elasticity.

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ThermaFix Process

Addresses both major calcium binding sites.

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Textured Sealing Cloth

Provides a secure fit in the annulus to aid sealing.

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Flexible Alloy Wireform

Absorbs energy during the cardiac cycle for long-term performance.

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Stainless Steel Frame

Maintains high radial strength and short sub-annular height for maximum clearance from underlying structures.

* Simplified implantation through reduced suture steps.

† No clinical data are available which evaluate the long-term impact of the Carpentier-Edwards ThermaFix tissue process in patients.