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Workplace Health & Safety

Management approach

Injury and work-related fatalities


Edwards Lifesciences’ work to ensure Workplace Health and Safety serves our Aspiration to Attract and Engage Talented Employees.


Providing Edwards employees with health resources and safe working conditions


Management Approach

Edwards Lifesciences believes our mission to help patients begins with the well-being of our employees. Maintaining a strong and healthy workforce enables us to stay focused on our goals and dedicate our energies towards the development of life-saving therapies.

Total Wellness at Edwards

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) drives Edwards’ wellness efforts across our organization. They believe better health leads to better performance and ensure that we regularly sponsor wellness initiatives for our employees. Edwards also offers a competitive employee benefits package that includes health and welfare insurance, health savings accounts and on-site programs and offerings.

Our Total Wellness program supports employees across the globe to enhance, maintain and achieve a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach improves well-being through six pillars. We aim to offer and encourage participation in programs aligning with all six Total Wellness pillars at 100 percent of locations with more than 100 employees.

“I think Edwards’ Total Wellness program is a big success. It helps develop tools we can use to maintain a healthy, balanced life in a very busy world.” - Kevin Osterman, Senior Manager, Global Equity

Six Pillars for Total Wellness

1. Prevention

  • Annual Know Your Numbers biometric wellness screenings
  • Healthy lifestyle wellness coaching for all employees and their covered spouses
  • On-site HIGI machines at our Irvine, Calif. and Draper, Utah facilities that allow employees to track biometric numbers
  • Online Health Risk Assessments
  • Quit for Life® smoking cessation program
  • Annual on-site flu clinics

2. Nutrition

  • 12-week weight loss programs
  • On-site cafeteria with healthy food options at Irvine

3. Physical Activity

  • On-site fitness centers at our Irvine and Draper campuses
  • Workout competitions
  • Lean for Life challenge in partnership with the American Heart Association
  • Month of Fitness challenges that give active employees the opportunity for raffle prizes

4. Education

  • Quarterly Take Charge newsletter with information about wellness and employee benefits
  • Wellness and benefit resources on employee intranet
  • On-site information sessions
  • Take Charge mobile site with health resources

5. Financial Fitness

  • Annual retirement plan education meetings
  • Retirement readiness program
  • One-on-one financial planning assistance
  • On-site educational webinars

6. Community Service

Please refer to Volunteerism & Giving for information about our employee volunteer programs

We also offer Total Wellness programs at global facilities with more than 30 employees. For example, many employees at Edwards’ Singapore facility have long commutes and limited time for exercise and food preparation. To help these employees achieve a better balance in their lifestyle, we provide annual health checks, education on oil-free nutrition, a cafeteria with healthy eating choices and weight-loss programs. Our global wellness programs include:

  • Weight loss competitions
  • Walking challenges
  • Preventive health exams and screenings
  • Financial education classes
  • Health education seminars
  • Monthly and quarterly wellness newsletters

Workplace Safety

Edwards focuses on workplace design, early intervention and overall prevention of injuries and illnesses before they become a concern. We ensure employees who are injured on the job receive appropriate medical care to help them recover and return to work in a healthy and productive manner. We track and report injury rates and consistently perform favorably when compared with our industry benchmarks.

Annual Performance

Every year, Edwards becomes stronger in our mission to improve health—starting with our workforce. In 2014 and 2015, 94 percent of Edwards employees participated in free biometrics screenings 

U.S. Wellness Numbers

U.S. Employee Participation in Biometric Screenings (2014/2015)


U.S. Employees Enrolled in an Edwards-Sponsored Medical Plan (2015/2016)


Health Costs Per Employee Per Year (2014/2015)

8.2% below market

Over a period of six months in 2015, Edwards sponsored a 10,000 steps challenge and competition. Participants received pedometers, and employees who reached 70,000 steps per week were eligible for monthly raffles. Our executives led by example, encouraging walking meetings and sharing reminders with team members. At the end of the challenges, Edwards donated 60 wheelchairs to Free Wheel Chair Mission, which supports people in need in developing countries.

Edwards’ dedication to Total Wellness continued to earn recognition in 2015 among leading health organizations and standards. This includes:
  • CEO Cancer Gold Standard for workplace wellness
  • American Heart Association Platinum Achievement for Fit-Friendly Worksite
  • Singapore Health Award for promoting workplace health
  • Recognition for our benefits program from the National Human Resources Association of Orange County 

Additionally, our two Critical Care manufacturing sites in the Caribbean have achieved OHSAS 18001 accreditation for excellence in occupational health and safety. This includes a strong commitment to preventing and reducing employee injuries. We continue to track incident rates and improve our manufacturing practices to ensure a safe workforce. 

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Global Lost Time Injury Rate Over Time (Days away from work cases per 100 employees)
0.38 0.20 0.62 0.42 0.32 0.36
Global Recordable Case (Injury) Rate Over Time (Cases per 100 employees)
1.25 0.78 1.83 1.42 1.28 1.16

Our Aspirations

Attract and Engage Talented Employees



Offer and encourage participation in health and wellness programs that align with six Total Wellness pillars at 100% of locations with more than 100 employees.
Attract and Engage Talented Employees
Edwards Lifesciences’ Christine McCauley on Health and Wellness
Edwards’ Corporate Vice President of Human Resources, Christine McCauley, thinks of health from a holistic perspective. “A lot of people hear ‘wellness’ and they think immediately of exercise and nutrition, but it’s so much more than that,” she says. Given the demands of work and family, Christine reduces stress by scheduling downtime with family and friends. She adds exercise to her everyday activities by choosing a far parking spot at the grocery store or taking the stairs. In addition, she places a strong emphasis on preventive care. “I go for my annual physical every year and I want to ‘know my numbers,’” she says.
Christine also works hard to keep wellness a priority at Edwards, and to protect Edwards’ investment in our wellness programs. “It helps having strong employee involvement. Programs are well attended and employees show a lot of interest,” she says. “We offer a broad spectrum of choices so there should be something for everyone.”