The Edwards Lifesciences Fund

As part of Edwards Lifesciences’ commitment to improving the quality of life around the world, we provide philanthropic assistance to important health-focused and community causes. In 2004, we established The Edwards Lifesciences Fund to support advancements in knowledge and improvements in quality of life, focusing on cardiovascular disease with an emphasis on heart valve disorders, and the communities where our employees live and work. The Fund’s mission is fulfilled by making grants to qualified charitable organizations.

Goals and Objectives:
The goals and objectives of the Fund are to:
Helping Young Hearts in Jamaica
Improving the Quality of Life Around the World
  • Expand awareness of cardiovascular disease, its prevention and treatment with an emphasis on heart valve disorders;
  • Enhance support and access to care for under-served cardiovascular patients with an emphasis on heart valve disorders;
  • Support research and education to increase expertise and innovation in treating cardiovascular disease with an emphasis on heart valve disorders;
  • Establish trusted partnerships to further leverage impact;
  • Support opportunities for Edwards and our employees to contribute to our communities; and
  • Operate consistently with the principles of Edwards Lifesciences’ Credo.
Types of Programs Supported by the Fund
Grants from the Fund support the following types of charitable programs:
  • Health-Focused Programs  – The Fund supports programs that advance health care and address cardiovascular disease, with preference given to those that focus on heart valve disorders. This can include education and awareness campaigns, research, and/or direct care for underserved patients.
  • Community Programs –  The Fund supports programs that strengthen the communities where Edwards employees live and work, and provide opportunities for employee volunteerism.

Philanthropy Reports
U.S.-based organizations must be a tax-qualified charitable organization by demonstrating 501(c)(3) tax status, and qualifying as a not-for-profit public charity as defined by Section 509(a)(1), (2), or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Organizations based outside the U.S. must be a public charity substantially similar in governance, operation and mission to qualified U.S.-based organizations.

Additionally, all grant applicants must: (1) meet the grant type criteria; (2) complete the appropriate application; and (3) provide appropriate supplemental information (e.g., qualifying tax status, supporting financial statements and program budget).

Annual Grant Cycle Timeline
The committees of the Fund prefer to evaluate all grant applications during the Fund’s annual grant cycle, through which a majority of the Fund’s giving is done. This process typically involves opening the grant cycle for applications in late spring, evaluating applications in late summer through early fall, and announcing grant recommendations in late fall.

Applications for the 2014 grant cycle will be available on this website in the spring with a deadline of June 30, 2014.

Additional Information
Please refer to The Edwards Lifesciences Fund Policies and Program Guidelines for more information about the Fund.

If you have any questions about The Edwards Lifesciences Fund, please email or call  (949) 250-5176.