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With Edwards, you are part of a global community, and we see our communities as our partners. We live our Credo and we pride ourselves on bringing together talent from around the world to accomplish our goal of improving lives with our innovative products.

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We work passionately and cross-functionally with a clear sense of purpose and responsibility to ensure our clinicians and patients get the best.

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Every day our employees own what they do and are dedicated to supporting Edwards’ aspirations to help patients live better, longer lives. Hear from them in their own words.

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Innovation. Relationships. Passion. Caring. It’s who we are. It’s personal.
We thrive on discovery and expand the boundaries of medical technology. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions for people fighting cardiovascular disease. It's our Credo. It takes integrity, collaboration, innovation, and focus.

For more than 50 years, Edwards has established a remarkable track record of innovation-work that enables clinicians around the world to enhance and save lives. Discover the difference at Edwards, where helping patients is our life's work, and life is now.

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Our employees are great people to know. Check out your connections to see who you already know at Edwards and learn more about us from them.


At Edwards, each employee—whether we’re working on developing innovative products for our R&D team, implementing marketing strategies to broaden our impact, or ensuring FDA approval with the regulatory team—plays a crucial role in delivering life-saving products for patients who are fighting cardiovascular disease. We partner across functions, communicating, influencing, networking, and collaborating to get things done. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we do!

Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing engineering is a critical function at Edwards. We provide outstanding opportunities at our six world-class facilities to work on a variety of life-saving products. We ask our engineers to utilize operational excellence tools to develop innovative solutions, improve efficiencies, and reduce cost of product to market. Whether you’re working to bring new products to market or focusing on sustaining and improving our current processes, working here is exciting. It requires a careful balance between thinking like an R&D engineer from a design perspective and thinking like a manufacturing engineer from a process perspective.

Research and Development
Research and development is what we do. Each year we invest a significant percentage of our sales into R&D to drive innovation. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for unmet patient needs. Our collaborative team members solve problems and come with solutions. As a member of the team, you will skillfully manage life-saving products from inception to commercialization, all the while keeping personal and professional integrity as a top priority. Come work at Edwards and be part of the innovation.

We love challenges. That’s what we do in regulatory—tackle challenges head on to help patients gain access to our groundbreaking, life-saving products. We partner with various governments and other regulatory agencies to bring our products into the hands of clinicians to help save people’s lives. The work is complex and requires tenacity and creativity.

Quality Engineering
At Edwards, quality engineers are empowered to work side-by-side with R&D and manufacturing, providing tactical hands-on partnership that helps the manufacturing line run more efficiently while fostering product innovation. Our quality engineers are compliant, patient-focused, and charged with implementing and maintaining strong quality management systems. They understand domestic and international regulations and make decisions to ensure that clinicians and patients continue to receive the high-quality products upon which the Edwards brand is based.

Our marketing team partners with clinicians and our sales force to help build market strategies that engage R&D, manufacturing, and quality to help solve unmet patient needs, raise awareness of company products, and develop innovative marketing strategies.
Meet our employees

When you join the Edwards team, you’ll be inspired by colleagues who embody the drive, innovation, optimism, and integrity that make us who we are. Our employees believe patients come first, and they’re fearless when it comes to trying new approaches, new paths, and new ideas. They have an unwavering commitment to doing their best for the people who need our products. Together, our employees are leveraging their passion for discovery to accomplish our goals and make a difference.

5 years

Five years ago, I was looking for a growth-oriented, financially solid, exciting environment with products that served a true human need. Edwards was it. My coworkers are educated, conscientious, focused, giving, respectful, and fun. They really put the customer first. Every day at work I have fun serving patients, doing what I do best. I really can and do make a difference for our customers.

Human Resources
3.5 years

The culture of innovation and fun activities that encourage community service attracted me to Edwards. The development opportunities and the variety in my work have kept me enthusiastic. I've met a lot of people and formed strong relationships with co-workers, managers, and outside vendors. I love working with our global partners because they bring a different perspective that proves to be useful during projects. Sometimes when they visit, they'll bring local delicacies for us to try. So far, my favorites have been mooncakes from Singapore and rich chocolate from Switzerland!

6 years

I came to Edwards after being a stay-at-home mom for three years. I love the company's values, and it feels good to be doing something that actually helps people. The people I work with day-to-day are amazingly smart and creative. They are passionate about the quality of their work, and everyone strives to make the work environment fun while making sure we stay on task. Most important, Edwards is flexible with the needs of my family, which is crucial when both parents work.

4 years

My favorite thing about working at Edwards is being able to work at the nexus of technology, business, and medicine. Helping patients is something I never stop being proud of, and it's invigorating to work collaboratively with colleagues who are smart, nice, and driven. We achieve results through strong teamwork synergies, and Edwards provides young talent with real responsibility in diverse settings.

2.5 years

Because of the people, culture, and products at Edwards, I have been able to grow professionally and personally in a short amount of time. My friend's mom was recently diagnosed with aortic stenosis and needed treatment. She successfully received an Edwards surgical valve and feels amazing. She attributes her new lease on life to a product from a company that I am proud to be part of.

1.5 years

I heard about Edwards at an info session at UCLA. It's my first job out of college, and it doesn't feel like work. I enjoy what I do and the people I interact with. It's fun and professional. We use a lot of acronyms here. I remember once I was asked to provide a DVD for a report. I automatically assumed that I needed to provide some sort of "design verification document." We all had a good laugh about my confusion.

Human Resources
8 years

I came to Edwards because of the reputation of the company and its focus on patients, investors, and employees. I knew people wanted to work here, and I have personally helped thousands of people get hired at Edwards. They almost always tell me that working here is better than they ever imagined. Personally, I like that the company has grown over the years, that I have had the ability to grow my career, and that I get to work in an entrepreneurial environment.

7 years

I recently underwent chemotherapy, and the support and love I received from this organization, all the way to [Chairman and CEO] Mike Mussallem, was amazing. I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful group of individuals that truly care about and support you through the good and bad times. Working here, I get to see how my work helps the patients. That is a reward in itself.

6.5 years

I have the privilege of meeting people who have been helped by the devices that Edwards makes. We recently welcomed a heart valve patient for a visit. The tears of joy and gratitude weren't just from the patient and her daughter. All of the employees in the room were reaching for tissues. This woman, in her late 70s, was looking forward to the next chapter of her life. To us, developing innovative technologies means life: the chance for patients to see their children and grandchildren grow up, to pursue their passions, and to experience the lives they love.

4 years

I came to Edwards because I was inspired to make a difference in the lives of patients. In time, I discovered an unmatched commitment to innovation, enthusiastic and engaged coworkers, and unending opportunities to learn. I love the focus, the people, and the patients. That's why I'm here.

2.5 years

At Edwards, there are endless opportunities to work on a variety of interesting projects. Even if you are not assigned as a resource to a project, colleagues are always willing to listen. They value your ideas and opinions. I work with a very diverse, energetic, intelligent group of people whom, when faced with adversity, function flawlessly together to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
Edwards is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer including Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities.
EEO is the Law click here for more information regarding Equal Employment Opportunity
Disability Accommodation for Employment Applicants

State of Utah E-Verify
In the State of Utah, Edwards Lifesciences participates in E-Verify.
- E-Verify Poster – English and Spanish
- Right to Work Poster – English and Spanish

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