What We Do

Edwards Lifesciences is a global leader in the science of pericardial tissue heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. We partner with physicians to produce innovative medical technology solutions designed to help patients live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Our technologies address large and growing patient populations in which there are significant unmet clinical needs, such as structural heart disease and advanced monitoring of the acutely ill. Each of our product areas has a rich history and unique patient focus.

Heart Valve Technologies
More than 300,000 valve replacements are performed worldwide each year through open-heart surgery, utilizing either bioprosthetic tissue valves or mechanical valves. Since developing the first heart valve in 1958, Edwards has continued to meaningfully advance heart valve therapy and, more than 50 years later, we remain the global leader in this field. Our offerings include tissue replacement heart valves and valve repair products including Edwards' proven family of PERIMOUNT bovine pericardial tissue valves that have been the world's most frequently implanted valves for more than 30 years. Decades of clinical experience and peer-reviewed data on Edwards' valves provide robust evidence of long-term performance and optimal hemodynamics of the PERIMOUNT valve platform. 

We also lead the development of technologies designed for the non-surgical replacement of heart valves. We believe transcatheter valves hold great promise for patients considered at risk for conventional valve replacement as this technology allows clinicians to deliver valves via a catheter, eliminating the need for traditional open-heart surgery. Our leadership in transcatheter heart valve replacement includes a commitment to meaningful innovation, rigorous scientific study, extensive clinician training and education, and significant investment in new applications of the technology.

Critical Care Technologies
We have been advancing the care of the acutely ill for more than 40 years. Following the development of Swan-Ganz advanced hemodynamic monitoring devices – the gold standard for measuring cardiovascular performance during surgical procedures and intensive care settings – Edwards continues to evolve to less-invasive and noninvasive devices to provide valuable insight for an expanded patient population. We have continued to advance our monitoring platforms to simplify decision-making in the hospital environment, with products designed to measure volumetric hemodynamic parameters in critically ill patients. We are focused on helping clinicians enhance knowledge, standardize practice to improve the quality and efficiency of care, and provide evidence-based medicine programs such as Sepsis Management and Enhanced Surgical Recovery Programs that facilitate the implementation and compliance of protocolized care in the OR and ICU.

Our vascular therapies products, including genuine Fogarty catheters, continue this gold standard. Developed and refined in close collaboration with surgeons and interventionalists for over 50 years, Fogarty catheters offer proven performance and are used in millions of procedures worldwide.

Cardiac Surgery Technologies
Our cardiac surgery product lines offer market-leading technologies that facilitate on-pump cardiac surgery procedures through smaller incisions. Edwards’ minimally invasive valve surgery solutions are comprised of soft tissue retractors, venous and arterial cannulae, aortic occlusion, venting, and coronary sinus catheters, as well as reusable instruments for performing minimally invasive valvular procedures.

Global Corporate Giving
Our commitment to charitable giving and participation in philanthropic causes is one of the defining elements of Edwards Lifesciences' culture. Through charitable giving from Edwards Lifesciences Foundation, product donations and employee volunteerism, we are helping people all around the world. More...