Early Goal-Directed Therapy Treatment Protocol1

Effective Sepsis Management for Quality Patient Outcomes
Evidence-based protocols, such as Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT), have been shown to be effective at improving patient costs and outcomes, including significant reductions in sepsis-related mortality. EGDT with the PreSep oximetry catheter has been shown to:
  • Reduce sepsis-related mortality by 46%2
  • Reduce hospital length-of-stay by 5 days3
  • Reduce hospital charges by $5,882 per patient3
  • Guide therapy and enable early intervention


Increase Compliance and Improve Outcomes
The Edwards Sepsis Management Mentorship Program can provide guidance for effectively implementing Early Goal-Directed Therapy (EGDT) protocols for the treatment of sepsis. Incorporating leading principles of process management with extensive clinical experience in the application of EGDT, Edwards program can provide direction to increase sustained changes in the patient care processes. Edwards fully engages with program participants to improve the successful implementation of EGDT and to ensure continued compliance.

Dr. Emanuel Rivers is a paid consultant of Edwards Lifesciences.
Early Goal-Directed Therapy and EGDT are trademarks of Dr. Emanuel Rivers.

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